Shop - help

Our shop system allows inquiries/orders/delivery for Germany and many other countries. Inquiries/orders/delivery for countries that are not activated in the shop: Please send an E-Mail to an.
We only sell to business customers (§14 BGB), not to private customers.


Some products are available in various versions, i.e. basic models with slightly different features or model with/without options. The shop initially always shows the basic price. In the product/article view you can use the dropdown menu to select the desired option/version. The price will then be calculated. Note: A version/option has to be selected, before an article can be placed in the shopping basket.

Shopping cart:

  • Select a product by using the search engine or the shop menu and add it to the cart by clickig 'Add to cart'.
  • You can view the content of your cart at any time with 'expand chart' or 'edit/checkout'.
  • You can remove products from the cart at any time by clicking the 'remove from cart' icon.
  • If you want to buy the products in your cart, click the button 'edit/checkout' and follow the steps. When you enter your address data, please note that the required fields are marked with '*'. Review your data and go to the next step to select the payment. Go through a ‘final check’ of your order and select 'edit data' if necessary. Click 'Send order' to complete and send the order. You can also stop the whole process at any time by simply closing the browser window.

Get a personal account:

  • Use the function 'My Account' to create your personal user account even before you start to order. This is a good idea especially if you plan to order frequently. Also note our information on shop security.

Inquiry, wish list/clipboard:

  • Some products allow to send a 'request'. This function will use the products in the cart and send them to our sales team as an inquiry (not binding).
  • Use the button 'add to clipboard' to collect interesting products on your personal wish list. You can view the wishlist for example in the menu 'service'/'wishlist'.

Accessories and options:

...can be found in the tab 'Accessories' of the main products or in the category/menu 'Accessories'.

Detailed datasheets, background information and software:

Most of the main product pages also show a link to the Meilhaus Electronic download server, where you will find additional information.