Keysight 34136A High-Voltage Probe

Obsolete - not available
Keysight probe 34136A
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EOL/obsolete, not available anymore

High-voltage probe for multimeters with 10 MΩ input impedance. 1000:1 divider, expands measurement range up to 40 kVDC. Accessory for Keysight 34401A, 34410A, 34411A, L4411A, and others.

  • Multimeter impedance 10 MΩ.
  • DC accuracy 2% of 1 kV to 20 kV, 3% to 40 kV.
  • AC accuracy 5% at 60 Hz; derates with frequency to -3 dB at 300 Hz.
  • Input resistance: 1000 MΩ.
  • Max. voltage 40 kVDSC.
  • Length 1 m.
  • Shrouded banana plugs and ground clip.

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.