Keysight AC6801A AC Power Source, 500 VA

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EOL/obsolete. New replacement model: ▸Keysight AC6801B


  • Single-phase AC power source up to 500 VA. DC output mode 400 W.
  • Max. RMS current 5 A/2.5 A.
  • Measurement of AC voltage, current, power.

Keysight Basic AC Power Source Series - AC6801A

Keysight's AC6800 Series basic AC sources (model AC6801A) offer the quality and capability you need: Intuitive user interface - if you've used an Keysight DC power supply, you'll feel right at home with these AC sources. The AC6801A is the version with 500 VA power. Flexible I/O - LAN/LXI Core and USB (standard), and GPIB (optional). And you can access and control the source remotely via a standard browser.

  • Single-phase AC source with max. power up to 500 VA to meet your basic AC source requirements.
  • Voltage range 135 VRMS/270 VRMS.
  • DC output mode max. power 400 W.
  • An intuitive user interface tested over time.
  • Flexible IO: LAN/LXI Core and USB (standard), and GPIB (optional).

Model Overview

Model AC 6801A
Phases Single-phase
Max. output power 500 VA
AC output mode
Voltage range 135 VRMS/270 VRMS
Voltage setting accuracy 0.3%/0.25% full-scale
Max. RMS current 5 A/2.5 A
Maximum peak current 15 A/7.5 A
Frequency 500 Hz
Measurement Voltage, current, power
DC output mode
Voltage range 190 V/380 V
Max. current 4 A/2 A
Maximum instantaneous current 12 A/6 A
Power 400 W
Interfaces LAN/LXI-Core with remote web interface, USB, optional GPIB

Note: The recommended calibration interval for these devices is 12 months. Call or send an E-Mail for more information on calibration!

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.

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