Ceyear YIG Tuned Oscillators

Obsolete - not available
Ceyear YIG tuned oscillators
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EOL/obsolete, not available anymore

Ceyear YIG Tuned Oscillators

  • Solid-state oscillators whose tunable element is a sphere of Yttrium-Iron-Garnet (YIG).
  • Multioctave bandwidth (frequency range: 2.2 GHz to 10 GHz).
  • Low phase noise.
  • Applicable to test instrument and electronic counter measures (ECM).

Model Overview

YIG tuned oscillators
Frequency range2.2...8 GHz2.2...20 GHz3...9 GHz8...20 GHz3...8 GHz3...10 GHz
Output power (min.)13 dBm12 dBm14 dBm12 dBm12 dBm14 dBm
Power flatness±3 dB±4 dB±2.5 dB±3 dB±2.5 dB±3.5 dB
Harmonic (max.)-10 dBc-10 dBc-10 dBc-10 dBc-10 dBc-10 dBc
Non-harmonic spurious (max.)-60 dBc-60 dBc-70 dBc-60 dBc-70 dBc-70 dBc
SSB phase noise (at 100 kHz, max.)-112 dBc/Hz-100 dBc/Hz-120 dBc/Hz-100 dBc/Hz-118 dBc/Hz-118 dBc/Hz
Frequency drift over temperature (max.)20 MHz40 MHz20 MHz30 MHz20 MHz20 MHz
Magnetic hysteresis (max.)8 MHz15 MHz8 MHz12 MHz8 MHz9 MHz
Main coil sensitivity20 ±1 MHz/mA60 ±3 MHz/mA20 ±1 MHz/mA60 ±3 MHz/mA20 ±1 MHz/mA20 ±1 MHz/mA
FM coil sensitivity300 kHz/mA230 kHz/mA210 kHz/mA300 kHz/mA210 kHz/mA220 kHz/mA
YIG heater input voltage24 ±2 V24 ±2 20 ±2 V24 ±2 V20 ±2 V20 ±2 V
Main coil input impedance10Ω52Ω9.3Ω52Ω9.3Ω9.3Ω
FM 3 dB bandwidth--10 MHz---