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Reliable data acquisition and control. Proven PC DAQ boards for industry and lab.

Measurement Data Acquisition & Control

Data acquisition (DAQ) and control...

...refers here to PC-supported measurement and control with measurement cards (PCI, PCI-Express, CompactPCI, PXI, etc.), modules and data loggers (USB, Ethernet, field buses, Wifi, etc.) remote from the PC - in contrast to classical measurement instruments (of course the borderline is partly fluid). DAQ devices usually do not work completely stand-alone like measuring instruments. They often have only rudimentary control elements and no displays, as this is done by the PC with associated software. Basically, it is all about acquiring signals via A/D converters and reacting to certain states via signal output via D/A converters or digital channels. Also in this shop category are the products for signal switching (switching, multiplexing, matrix) and motion control (stepper motor and server motor control).