Modular DAQ and Control Systems

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Modular measurement and control systems...

...are data acquisition devices which are not directly installed in the computer/PC like PC measuring cards. On the other hand, like PC measuring cards, they usually do not work "stand-alone" without a PC, like a classic measuring instrument. Their task is data acquisition (DAQ) and signal output. Like PC DAQ cards, they have similarly structured analog inputs, analog outputs, digital inputs, digital outputs and bidirectional digital I/O lines. The measurement hardware is located in a module that is connected to the PC via an interface. Most common are wire-based USB and Ethernet interfaces, RS232, RS422, RS485 and fieldbus variants, as well as wireless Wifi connection etc. This results in different applications compared to the PC measuring card. Due to its design, the PC DAQ card can realize many channels in a small space. It is located directly in the PC and thus avoids the bottleneck of an interface and works almost in real time or event-controlled with interrupt. It is therefore suitable for local test systems, test stands and the embedded area. Depending on the model, the modular measurement systems, on the other hand, can also be used distributed in the field, in buildings or industrial plants through wide-area networking. Some of them can also work autonomously and then only require a connection to the PC for configuration and data transfer.

Example for modular measuring systems:

RedLab series, LabJack series, dydaqlog, distributed I/O modules from Acromag, Brainboxes, data loggers from Picotech and Microedge.