erfi elneos five SGEN Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Item available at short notice. Delivery Time ~3-10 workdays
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Benefits of elneos five SGEN Signal Generator with Function and Arbitrary Generator Feature

  • The function generator and arbitrary waveform generator from the elneos five series.
  • Intuitive multitouch operation with up to 5 fingers.
  • Full-width glas surface - scratch resistant, imprint-free and abrasion-proof, break-proof.

erfi elneos five SGEN Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The erfi elneos five SGEN is an innovative function generator with additional arbitrary waveform function. The unique operation and control technique makes the device easy to use and still offers a wide variety of functionality.

The erfi elneos five series combines uncompromising reliability, clever functionality and an intuitive control concept with a sleek design. The devices' full-width glas surface is scratch resistant, imprint-free, abrasion-proof, and break-proof. You can operate the devices as simple as your smartphone with gestures using up to 5 fingers. Use 2 fingers for example for zooming, 1 finger swiping for the change of devices and call-up of the connection panel, or a 3finger gesture to activate the safeguard function. Even unexperienced users can quickly learn how to use the devices effectively. Connectors with intelligent RGB LED light provide a simpley way of connectivity with a high level of safety. Depending on the connector, the rings light up when contacting is requested. The connectors are permanently lit when the output is active.

  • Function and arbitrary function generators from the erfi elneos five series.
  • 7" multitouch display with capacitive surface.
  • USB 2.0 and Ethernet interface; controlled with SCPI commands.
  • Benchtop housing 315 x 185 x 161 (mm), 3 HU/56 DU.
  • Function generator with 2 independent channels (1x external, outputs signals to BNC female, and 1x internal, for modulations).
  • Standard waveforms sine (1 µHz...40 MHz), trapezoide (1 µHz...5 MHz), rampe (1 µHz...5 MHz), triangle (1 µHz...5 MHz), sawtooth (1 µHz...5 MHz), square (1 µHz...5 MHz).
  • Single and multiple pulses.
  • Resolution 14 bit.
  • 4 modulation types per generator (carrier/signal): Amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), pulswidth modulation (PWM), sweep modulation.
  • Incl. frequency counter with measurng range 150 MHz (optional up to 1.5 GHz).
  • Fast arbitrary waveform generator features:
    Arbitrary memory depth per memory cell 4096 scanning points, memory cells: 2 pcs. for 2 curves.
    Arbitrary resolution 14 bit.

Model Overview - Included elneos five Options

Model Power supply
Arb. power supply
Multimeter + power  meter
Function generator
Function- and arb. generator
Control center
elneos five SGEN EL5S.S (✓)*

* This device option EL5S.F is already included with the option EL5.S.

Included: elneos five SGEN (EL5S.F), including options 1x EL5.1 (control center), 1x EL5.S (function generator as in EL5.F and arbitrary waveform generator), 1x EL5.SA1.56.1 (benchtop casing 315 x 185 x 161 (mm), 3 HU/56 DU).

Do you have to work with a combination of several instrument types? For example a power supply and a multimeter/power analyzer, or a kultimeter and a function generator, or a multichannel power supply with the same or differing outputs?

One of the powerful features of the elneos five serie is the possibility to combine several instruments in one chassis.


  • Clear and compact, all in one casing.
  • Consistent, intuitive elneos five multitouch 5-finger operation.
  • Consistent remote control via 1x USB or Ethernet/LAN.

Click here to read more about instrument combinations and examples. Or send an E-Mail to or call - we help you to find the optimal configuration!