CAMI/CableEye Test System for Cables and Harnesses

Cable testing in various industries and applications Anwendungen

Meilhaus Electronic - Competence in CableEye Cable Testers - Since 2010!

Test it for 7 Days!

  • Test the CableEye system extensively in your environment.
  • Work with the system for 7 days and convince yourself of its easy handling.
  • Try out the practical functions of the hardware and software.

Cable Test Made Easy.

  • 1-day classroom seminar.
  • Theory and practical training on the CableEye system.
  • Tips and tricks for beginners and professionals.

CableEye accompanies you in all "life phases" of your cables.

Due to almost unlimited adaptation possibilities to cables, cable harnesses and plugs of all kinds, CableEye supports you...

  • ...in the design and development of new cables.
  • ...with the creation of first prototypes.
  • ...in the production of your cables.
  • ...during the quality check/final test of your cables.
  • ...in the daily use of your cables, in industry, event technology etc. - in all applications with high demands on cable reliability.

The CableEye cable tester also can help you with the assembly ("guided assembly"). After a short learning phase, it can be safely operated even by non-experts. The system finds errors quickly and reliably and provides detailed test reports for quality assurance.

CableEye is modular, expandable and future-proof.

Expand the CableEye test system from a minimum of 128 test points up to 2560 test points. In this way you can test even complex cable harnesses safely and reliably.

  • Test of galvanic connection/continuity/line breaks, cable allocation/miswiring, resistance, insulation resistance and more.
  • Testing for sporadic/intermittent faults by testing in continuous loop.
  • Testing with low or high test voltage: With the HVX system you can test with voltages up to 2.1 kVDC (insulation resistance up to 5 GΩ, current sensitivity up to 0.2 µA).

CableEye delivers the perfect test protocols.

Once you have tested your cables, you will of course need the corresponding test documents with all relevant results for quality assurance. The CableEye Tester provides you with these easily and automatically at the push of a button.

CAMI CableEye cable tester

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