World of Dataloggers.

Mobile with Bluetooth

Mobile mini dataloggers BlueCube with Bluetooth/RedCube with IrDA

These dataloggers combine the functions of measurement, recording, storage, data read-out in a mobile, stand-alone (ie. battery powered, independent) mini cube. For temperature, climate (temperature + relative humidity) or temperature + acceleration. Other models available for vibration, voltage (connectivity of other sensors) and impulse. Wireless configuration and data transmission via Bluetooth. Ideal for transportation, storage and logistics, insurances, building services engineering, labs/experiments, environmental technology and more.


Web and WLAN Dataloggers for the Internet of Things

BlackCube datalogger for humidity and temperature, IoT/Internet of Things

Dataloggers with fixed/integrated sensors for temperature and relative humidity or external sensors PT100/Pt1000. Configuration and data transmission via Ethernet/Internet or wireless with WLAN - with worldwide data access over the Cloud. Ideal for IoT/Internet of Things applications, building/room/serverroom monitoring and more.


Line-Recorder-style Longtime Data Acquisition.


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