erfi elneos five - experience the touch

erfi elneos five device series

How to Find Your elneos five System

elneos five devices are available in various version:

  • Basic instruments - "pure" power supplies, digital multimeters or function generators.
  • Standard multifunctional configurations - popular instrument combinations, available as pre-configured devices in our web-shop.
  • Individual configurations - call and talk to our sales team about your required instrument combination. Get your individual offer.
  • elneos five integrated into erfi workplace and furniture system elneos connect. Call for more information!

Basic Instruments

Standard Multifunctional Configurations - Examples

Top Benefits

The erfi elneos five series combines uncompromising reliability, clever functionality and an intuitive control concept with a sleek design.

  • Modular - for multifunctional and flexible configurations.

The "control center" and a casing always form the basic mainframe of the instruments. Add devices of these categories:
Regulating power supplies (linear),
regulating power supplies with arbitrary output function,
digital multimeter,
power and energy measurement device (power analyzer),
function generator and
arbitrary waveform generator.
Moreover, various options can be added. Configure your own measurement instrument and/or power/signal source according to your application and budget.

  • Intuitive operation and control with 5-finger multitouch gestures.

Due to the unique operation and control technique, the devices are very easy to use while still offering a wide variety of functionality.
1-finger gesture: Change of device by swiping, call-up of the connection panel.
2-finger gesture: Zooming of X-Y graphs.
3-finger gesture: Safeguard function.
5-finger gesture: Locking for long-term tests.

  • Full-width glas surface - scratch resistant, imprint-free and abrasion-proof, break-proof.

Extremely sturdy for various applications - on the work bench, in a lab, for education or in industrial environments. The micro-etched, heat-strengthened and anti-reflecting toughened safety glass has a nonsparkling effect to avoid disturbing light reflections. Due to the microetching a very high image sharpness has been achieved and this supports an excellent image reproduction. In addition, annoying finger imprints are precluded and the high-quality print image on the back of the glass remains untouched. An abrasion resistance and chemical resistance compared to acids and lyes are additional features of elneos five.

  • Intelligent connectivity for a high level of security

Connectors with intelligent RGB LED light provide a simpley way of connectivity with a high level of safety. Depending on the connector, the rings light up either white, red or blue when contacting is requested. The connectors are permanently lit when current flows.

  • PC communication with USB and Ethernet

USB and Ethernet are standard in the elneos five devices. The device functions can be remote controlled with SCPI standard commands (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments). elneos five can be programmed with the control software highlink Power elneos, the room control software highlink Power, the LabVIEW instrument drivers, or via the integrated webservers.