Keysight SMUs - Source Measure Units.

SMU Keysight B2900A series front/rear panel

SMUs (Source Measure Units or Source Meter Units) are multifunctional devices that combine a source and a measurement instrument. The SMU's source is a programmable lab power supply for current and voltage, the SMU's measurement instrument is a digital multimeter/DMM.

SMUs are used in labs and in production, for automatic tests, in-circuit and functional tests.

Keysight is a specialist for high-precision, reliable multimeters as well as for rugged power supplies. These tried and tested technologies and Keysight's high quality standards are incorporated in the Keysight SMUs.

SMU - The Useful Combination of Source and Multimeter.


Power Sources - High-Precision Output of Small Voltages and Currents.


Femto/Pico Amperemeters - Measurement of Small Currents. Electrometers/High Resistance Meters.


Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.