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"What you output is what you REALLY get!"

Keysight Waveform Generators - High Integrity Signals with Trueform Technology.

Trueform waveform generator 33500B

Keysight Trueform - that is high signal fidelity with low jitter, high accuracy and resolution. Especially for non-periodic, complexe signals that often occur in simulation applications, the Trueform technology outclasses the conventional DDS technology (Direct Digital Synthesis) in signal accuracy. These signals will be reproduced exactly and with 100% of the available points in Trueform technology (whereas DDS will drop points at higher frequencies).


New Trueform waveform generators replace 33220A and 33250A

Consider New Models Now!

The Keysight waveform generators 33220A and 33250A, also known as HP 33220A or HP 33250A, are reliable classics used worldwide in labs and test stands. Due to the electronic components situation, the "classics" will "retire" until the end of 2016.
Therefore you should consider to use the new, enhanced models for coming applications:
33509B, 33510B, 33511B and 33512B replace the 20 MHz 33220A, 33611A and
33612A replace the 80 MHz 33250A.

The completely new models are driven by the high-precision Trueform technology and offer many modern features like a graphic display and the interfaces USB and Ethernet/LXI. Models with 2 channels are also available.
Just call us, we will help you to find the right solution! Phone ++49 - 81 41 - 52 71-0 | sales@meilhaus.de

Agilent's Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.