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Keysight InfiniiVision1000 lowcost high quality oscilloscopes

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.

Keysight Oscilloscopes - Don't Miss any Signal Details!

Choose reliability - get a new high-quality oscilloscope from Keysight (former Agilent Test and Measurement Group, Hewlett-Packard T&M). The new EDUX1002A/G and DSOX1102A/G from the InfiniiVision series combine professional functionality and a high quality standard with a low price. The tried and tested MegaZoom technology with its high waveform capture rate lets you see more signal details, so you don't miss any relevant information. Depending on the model/options the devices include oscilloscope, signal generator, serial protocol analysis, digital voltmeter, frequency counter and frequency response analysis/Bode plot test. The waveform mathematic functions include add, subtract, multiply, divide, FFT (magnitude and phase), low pass filter.

Model: InfiniiVision EDUX1002A InfiniiVision EDUX1002G InfiniiVision DSOX1102A InfiniiVision DSOX1102G
Channels 2 2 2 2
Bandwidth 50 MHz 50 MHz 70 MHz, upgradeable to 100 MHz 70 MHz, upgradeable to 100 MHz
Sample rate 1 GS/s 1 GS/s 2 GS/s 2 GS/s
Waveform capture rate 50,000 Wfms/s 50,000 Wfms/s 50,000 Wfms/s 50,000 Wfms/s
Memory depth 100 kpts 100 kpts 1 Mpts, segmented memory 1 Mpts, segmented memory
MegaZoom yes yes yes yes
Display 7"/17.8 cm TFT LCD WVGA 7"/17.8 cm TFT LCD WVGA 7"/17.8 cm TFT LCD WVGA 7"/17.8 cm TFT LCD WVGA
Signal generator - 20 MHz, incl. Bode plot test - 20 MHz, incl. Bode plot test
Connectivity USB 2.0 (Host and Device) USB 2.0 (Host and Device) USB 2.0 (Host and Device) USB 2.0 (Host and Device)

Also available from Keysight: Handheld oscilloscopes/multimeter and modular USB PC oscilloscopes.

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