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Siglent spectrum analyzers SSA3000X-R RTSA and GPSA in one

Two in One!

General purpose (GPSA up to 7.5 GHz) and realtime spectrum analyzer (RTSA up 40 MHz) in one device. Touchscreen, USB, Ethernet.


Siglent SSA3000X-R

Keysight DSOX1204A/G - 4-channel scope

Don't Miss Any Signal Details!

MegaZoom oscilloscopes, 2/4 channels, up to 200 MHz, up to 2 GS/s, waveform generator (G), and many extra features now standard.


Keysight InfiniiVision X1000

500MHz 8-channel realtime oscilloscope

New Perspectives for Your Debugging!

8 analog and 16 digital channels, 500 MHz bandwidth, 8/10/12 bit FlexRes resolution, deep memory and serial decodings incl.!


PicoScope 6000E

Compact VNAs fom Copper Mountain

Compact Embedded VNAs

1, 2, 4 ports, up to 20 GHz, expandable up to 110 GHz.


Copper Mountain VNA seriesE

Tabor RF signal sources

RF Measurement and Test

Highend RF signal sources, generators and amplifiers!


Tabor Electronics product line

Keysight DSOX/MSOX6000A highend scopes

Bandwidth up to 6 GHz!

Keysight scope power: MegaZoom oscilloscopes of the InfiniiVision 4000A and 6000A series with touch screen.


Keysight DSOX/MSOX4000A/6000A

Sampler-extended realtime oscilloscope/SXRTO PicoScope 9404

Best of Both Worlds

Combines the benefits of real-time sampling, equivalent-time sampling and high analog bandwidth. 5 or 16 GHz bandwidth, 1 or 5 TS/s ETS.


PicoScope 9404

Universal cable tester CANWAY CW-305 MkII

PC-independent Cable Testing

Autonomous cable tester, can be operated without PC software with touch display. Very robust construction for productive use.



Rigol Mixed-Signal-Oszilloskope MSO8000

UltraVision II Oscilloscope up to 2 GHz, Touch

Rigol MSO8000 4-channel oscilloscope up to 2 GHz, 10 GS/s sample rate and 600,000 Wfms/s capture rate. MSO: Logic analyzer on board!


Rigol MSO8000 series

Ceyear-5252D 5G multichannel analysis test system for all 5G NR standards

5G Multichannel Analysis System

Coming soon: Ceyear-5252D for 5G NR communication standards such as GSM, WCDMA, LTE base station test; all 3GPP 38.141 defined test models.



Keysight Promotion

Promo MSO 4-Channel Bandwidth Upsale

Get next level bandwith 4-channel mixed signal oscilloscope/MSO at the price of lower bandwidth model. For InfiniiVision MSOX3000T; until 2020-4-31.


Read more

Icron Maverick-63104 USB/DisplayPort extender

USB and DisplayPort up to 100 m

Extend the distance up to 100 m with standard Cat6a/7 cable. For USB 3-2-1, DisplayPort, additional Ethernet and RS232 pass-through.


Icron Maverick-63104

Ceyear-6481 optical fiber fusion splicer

Reliable Splicing of Optical Fibers

Fast and heat efficient fusion splicing of optical fibers - very compact. 4 or 6 motors for convenient, active core adjustment.



Keysight E3623xA DC Autoranging Power Supplies up to 400 W

DC power for your test system

DC autoranging power supplies up to 400 W. 2-channel models with automatic internal series/paralle for more voltage/current.


Keysight E3623xA Series

Siglent SDL1000X DC loads up to 300 W

Programmable DC loads up to 300 W

150 V/30 A, CC, CV, CR CP modes and versatile protection features. 4-wire sense function.


Siglent SDL1000X

dydaqlog DL-160-16-D WLAN/LAN datalogger

IIoT Datalogger

...for U, I, TC, PT50/100/500/1000, strain gauges. With WLAN/LAN, web interface and Cloud access.


dydaqlog (DL-160-16-D))

Siglent SDS5000X super phosphor oscilloscope

Siglent Measurement Instruments

Oscilloscopes (new: SDS5000X up to 1 GHz), waveform generators, spectrum analyzers, multimeters, power supplies.


Siglent product line

Ceyear vector network analyzer

RF Measurement up to 67 GHz

Spectrum analyzers, RF modulation signal sources and vector network analyzers (VNA) up to 67 GHz.


Ceyear RF measurement & test

Keysight DSOX1204A/G - 4-channel scope

Don't Miss Any Signal Details!

MegaZoom oscilloscope up to 200 MHz, signal generator (G), digital voltmeter and more.


Keysight 4-channel DSOX1204A/G

Keysight Streamline scope series

Keysight Streamline Scope Series

InfiniiVision 3000 scope power now also for USB - as an embedded PC oscilloscope.


Keysight Streamline Scope Series

Keysight DSOX/MSOX3000A/T highend scopes

Bandwidth up to 1 GHz!

Keysight scope power: MegaZoom oscilloscopes of the InfiniiVision 3000A and T series (T with touch operation).


Keysight DSOX/MSOX3000A/T

Rigol mixed signal oscilloscopes MSO5000

With UltraVision II and Touch

2/4-channel oscilloscopes up to 350 MHz, 8 GS/s sample rate, 500,000 Wfms/s capture rate. MSO: Logic analyzer on board!


Rigol MSO5000 Series

DAQ, switching and datalogging system Keysight DAQ970A

Maximum Flexibility

System with 3 slots/8 module types - for multi-channel DAQ/switching. Successor of the 34970A/34972A.


Keysight DAQ970A

ME series DAQ and control boards ME-4000

Made For Reliability

DAQ and control boards, incl. Windows drivers, LabVIEW drivers, DAQ lab and skripting software ME-PowerLab3.

English and German user manuals!

ME series

Rigol DG800/DG900 for precise point-by-point ARB waveforms

Rigol DG800/DG900 ARB Waveform Generators

1 or 2 channels, up to 100 MHz. Fanless, quiet, with touchscreen and with SiFi II technology: Point-by-point ARB waveforms with high accuracy, low distortion, low jitter.


Rigol DG800 and DG900

CableEye M4 test system for cables and cable harnesses

CableEye M4

Enhanced cable tester with resistance (2-/4-wire) and capacitance measurement. Cable lenght, distance to break, Twisted-Pairing measurement. Supplies detailed test documents.


CableEye M4

ClampMan-Light PBC fixture with vice


Solid holding vice fixture for PCBs. Ideal for measurement/test, soldering, repair. Rugged design with hydraulic joint stand - multiple degrees of freedom.



erfi elneos five - the new measurement instrument system with touch operation

erfi elneos five - The Intuitive Measurement Instrument System

Modular, multifunctional, intuitive with 5-finger multitouch operation. Full-width scratch resistant glas surface. Intelligent connectivity for a high level of security.


erfi elneos five

The new generation with touch

New Rigol Generation with Touch Operation.

"UltraReal" relatime spectrum analyzers und "UltraVision II" mixed-signal oscilloscopes with touch operation.


Rigol DS/MSO 7000 series
Rigol RSA3000 series
Rigol RSA5000 series

B+K Precision sources, test and measurement devices

B+K Precision Sources and Measurement Instruments

DC and AC sources, loads, power and battery analysis, LCR meters, DMMs, oscilloscopes.


B+K Precision Sources and Measurement Instruments

PicoScope 5000D with flexible resolution

USB 3.0 Oscilloscopes with Flexible Resolution.

New PicoScope 5000 series versions: Now for USB 3.0. Flexible resolution 8 to 16 bit. 60/100/200 MHz bandwidth. Mixed-signal models.


PicoScope 5000D series

Yokogawa ScopeCorder DL350

Yokogawa Measurement and Test

ScopeCorder DL350, high precision bench multimeter DM7560, handhelds, process calibrators, current clamp-on meters, power analyzer.


Yokogawa Measurement and Test

Saleae Logic-8, Logic-Pro-8, Logic-Pro-16

Portable Logic-Analyzers...

...for USB 3.0 and 2.0. Up to 16 digital/logic channels free switchabel to analog acquisition.


Saleae Logic-Analyzers

Raven-3124 fiber USB extender

USB 3.1 Extender...

...up to 100 m via Cat 6a/7 cable or up to 200 m via fiber. Compatible with USB 2 and 1. Transparent no software drivers.


Raven 3124 und 3104

The LAN RedLab WebDAQ-316

Temperature Datalogger...

...for Ethernet/Internet, IoT. 16 analog inputs. Direct connection of thermocouples. Access/control via web browser.


RedLab WebDAQ-316

The new 18 bit USB RedLab 1808(X)

High Resolution USB Multi-I/O DAQ System.

18 bit A/D, 8 simultaneous, differential inputs.


RedLab 1080(X)

Keysight 6810C series

Single-phase AC Sources and Analyzers.

Up to 1750 VA, DC output mode 1350 W. Measurement of AC voltage, current, power, transient measurements.


Keysight 6810C Series

Indu-Sol EMCheck LSMZ I

Indu-Sol Measurement Clamps

Leakage current measurement clamps, mesh resistance measuring clamps, intelligent current measuring clamps.


Learn more

Keysight InfiniiVision 2000A series

Logic Analysis on Board.

Keysight InfiniiVision DSOX and MSOX 2000A series: MegaZoom oscilloscopes up to 200 MHz, mixed signal models/MSO with logic analysis on board.


Keysight InfiniiVision DSOX/MSOX 2000A

Cleverscope CS448

Isolated 14 bit Oscilloscope...

...for USB, Ethernet, Fiber. Incl. mixed-signal, signal generator, datalogger.


Cleverscope CS448

Brainboxes ED series I/O module

Interface converters and I/O.

USB-to-serial, Ethernet-to-serial, Ethernet remote-I/O and more.


Brainboxes product line


USB Vector Network Analyzer.

300 kHz to 6 GHz, up to 118 db dynamic range.



Spectrum-analysis becomes Ultra-Real

6.5 GHz Realtime Spectrum-Analyzer.

Seamless acquisition and analysis with innovative "UltraReal" technology. Up to 40 MHz realtime bandwidth. Touchscreen operation.


Rigol RSA5000 Series

ClampMan measurement holding fixture

Rugged Measurement Holding Fixture.

Hydraulic joint stands: Multiple degrees of freedom, easy fixing.



MongoosePro automotive adaptor

Automotive Adaptor USB-to-ISO/CAN2, OBD II...

...for reliable communication with modern vehicles with OBD II interface. J2534-compliant.


Mongoose Automotive Adaptor

IkaScope WS200 handheld Wifi scope

The Wifi Scope

Full mobility and isolation due to Wifi connectivity. Mobile apps.


IkaScope WS200

LCR-Meter LCR Pro1

Tweezer-style LCR Meter.

0.1% accuracy. Ideal for SMD LCR components. With PC connectivity.


LCR Pro1

Gossen Metrawatt LABON series

Reliable DC Power Supplies.

Gossen Metrawatt LABKON Serie: Always on the safe side with clean signals.


LABKON P500 und P800 series

Cable testing system CableEye

Cable Testing Made Easy.

Testing system for cables and cable harnesses in design/development, prototyping, cable production, test/final quality checking. Provides the perfect test protocols.


Keysight E36310A series

Programmable DC Power Supplies, Quiet as a Whisper.

Sturdy 3-channel DC power supplies up to 80 or 160 W, USB, models with LAN.


Keysight Series E36310A

Rigol DL3000 series

Programmable Electronic Loads...

...up to 200 or 350 W. Depending on version USB, LAN. Large color display, superb performance specifications.


Rigol DL3000 Series

16-Port USB-Hub HUB-1600i-RM.jpg

For Industrial USB Applications.

16-port hub, USB 2.0 FullSpeed and 1.1 LowSpeed compatible. Rugged metal housing. Wide temperature range.



True-differential USB PC oscilloscope PicoScope 4444

The Oscilloscope for Special Cases!

Four true-differential inputs, intelligent probe interface. 12 to 14 bit resolution. 20 MHz bandwidth. USB 3.0.


PicoScope 4444

Rigol AWG DG1022Z

With Precise SiFi-Technology.

2-channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator with USB and Ethernet/LXI.


Rigol DG1022Z

NetCOM-PLUS interface converter series

Use Serial Devices over Ethernet.

Convert Ethernet/LAN to 1, 2, 4, or 8 serial ports. RS232 and/or RS422/RS485. Models with WLAN. Models with Power-over-Ethernet.


NetCOM-PLUS Series

Gossen Metrawatt Handhelds

Reliable Handhelds from Gossen Metrawatt.

Multimeters, Isolation Testers, and more.

Gossen Metrawatt Product Line

Ethernet/LAN temperature acquisition module RedLab E-TC

Connect Thermocouples via Ethernet.

8 differential thermocouple inputs. Channel-to-host isolation. 24 bit resolution. Integrated: CJC, signal-conditioning, linearization, open thermocouple detection.


RedLab E-TC

PicoScope 2000 series lowcost scopes

The Low-cost USB PC Oscilloscope.

Ideal for beginners,maintenance and labs or embedded test/automation applications: Low-cost, versatile, powerful!


PicoScope 2200 Series

Keysight Series 33500B and 33600A

High-precision Waveform Generators with Trueform.

The replacements for 33220A and 33250A.


Keysight Waveform Generators

Pico automotive oscilloscopes

PicoScope Automotive Solutions.

Diagnosis for cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles; NVH. For car repaire workshops, vehicle testing and more.


Rigol power supply DP711

Reliable, Versatile and Low-cost.

1-channel DC power supplies up to 150 W. Compact, low-cost and easy to use - the ideal power supply all-rounder.


Rigol DP711

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