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Gossen Metrawatt LABON series

Reliable DC Power Supplies.

Gossen Metrawatt LABKON Serie: Always on the safe side with clean signals.


LABKON P500 und P800 series

Keysight EDUX1002A/G and DSOX1102A/G

Don't Miss any Signal Details!

MegaZoom oscilloscope up to 100 MHz, waveform generator (G), digital voltmeter and more


Keysight EDUX1002A/G, DSOX1102A/G

Rigol DSA875 spectrum analyzers

PreAmp Now Standard!

PreAmp option now standard/included for the models DSA832E(-TG)/DSA832(-TG) and DSA875(-TG)!

Save 559.- €

Rigol Spektrum-Analysatoren

Keysight E36310A series

Programmable DC Power Supplies, Quiet as a Whisper.

Sturdy 3-channel DC power supplies up to 80 or 160 W, USB, models with LAN.


Keysight Series E36310A

Rigol DL3000 series

Programmable Electronic Loads...

...up to 200 or 350 W. Depending on version USB, LAN. Large color display, superb performance specifications.


Rigol DL3000 Series

16-Port USB-Hub HUB-1600i-RM.jpg

For Industrial USB Applications.

16-port hub, USB 2.0 FullSpeed and 1.1 LowSpeed compatible. Rugged metal housing. Wide temperature range.



True-differential USB PC oscilloscope PicoScope 4444

The Oscilloscope for Special Cases!

Four true-differential inputs, intelligent probe interface. 12 to 14 bit resolution. 20 MHz bandwidth. USB 3.0.


PicoScope 4444

Rigol AWG DG1022Z

With Precise SiFi-Technology.

2-channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator with USB and Ethernet/LXI.


Rigol DG1022Z

Cable testing system CableEye

Cable Testing Made Easy.

Testing system for cables and cable harnesses in design/development, prototyping, cable production, test/final quality checking. Provides the perfect test protocols.


NetCOM-PLUS interface converter series

Use Serial Devices over Ethernet.

Convert Ethernet/LAN to 1, 2, 4, or 8 serial ports. RS232 and/or RS422/RS485. Models with WLAN. Models with Power-over-Ethernet.


NetCOM-PLUS Series

Gossen Metrawatt Handhelds

Reliable Handhelds from Gossen Metrawatt.

Multimeters, Isolation Testers, and more.

Gossen Metrawatt Product Line

Ethernet/LAN temperature acquisition module RedLab E-TC

Connect Thermocouples via Ethernet.

8 differential thermocouple inputs. Channel-to-host isolation. 24 bit resolution. Integrated: CJC, signal-conditioning, linearization, open thermocouple detection.


RedLab E-TC

PicoScope 2000 series lowcost scopes

The Low-cost USB PC Oscilloscope.

Ideal for beginners,maintenance and labs or embedded test/automation applications: Low-cost, versatile, powerful!


PicoScope 2200 Series

Keysight Series 33500B and 33600A

High-precision Waveform Generators with Trueform.

The replacements for 33220A and 33250A.


Keysight Waveform Generators

Pico automotive oscilloscopes

PicoScope Automotive Solutions.

Diagnosis for cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles; NVH. For car repaire workshops, vehicle testing and more.


Rigol power supply DP711

Reliable, Versatile and Low-cost.

1-channel DC power supplies up to 150 W. Compact, low-cost and easy to use - the ideal power supply all-rounder.


Rigol DP711

ME-Synapse Express CompactPCI system via PCI-Express/cable

PCI-Express to CompactPCI Bus Expansion.

6 CompactPCI slots via PCI-Express-over-Cable at your host PC. You only need 1 free PCI-Express slot in yourPC.


MESynapse Express XL

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All new products overview.

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