Signal Conditioning

Signal conditioning

Signal conditioning: Adapting signals of an application/process to the input/output ranges of a data acquisition/measurement system. The DAQ system can be a measurement instrument, a DAQ PC plug-in board, or any other DAQ/measurement system.

  • Many of the application/process signals are delivered from sensors of all kinds. They often output small, non-linearized voltages, whereas the inputs of DAQ systems often have standard ranges like 0...5 V, ±5 V, 0...10 V, or ±10 V. Signal conditioning performs the task of linearization as well as "converting" and adapting the sensor signals to standard ranges, or to convert to 0...20 mA current loop for further transmission.
  • Additional functions like galvanic isolation, alarming or signal math may complete the signal conditioning, if required.
  • Vice versa, signal conditioning can also be required to adapt output signals from a control system to the inuts of the application or actuators.

The Meilhaus Electronic signal conditioning product line includes modules with the following basic functions (often in combination):

  • » Measurement amplifiers, converters, transducers: Convert and amplify (optional with linearization) the sensor signals to the standard ranges that can be acquired and processed by DAQ/measurement systems.
  • » Transmitters: Convert the sensitive sensor signals to standard signals, for example 0...20 mA current loop, for transmission over certain distances.
  • » Isolators: Galvanic isolation of the signal, for high safety and protection against overvoltages and transient noise pulses.
  • » Signal splitter: Splits up a signal in 2 signal outputs.
  • » Alarm modules: Generate a conditional alarm, for example switching of a status relay. The condition can be an input signal that exceeds a predefinded threshold value etc.
  • » Math/Computing modules: Mathematic signal operations like for example the output of a sum of two input signals.

Signal Conditioners and Transmitters


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Signal Splitters


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Alarm Modules


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Math/Computing Modules


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