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Waveform generators, signal generators, function generators...

...provide test signals in the form of standard functions (sine, square, sawtooth, etc.), fixed arbitrary signals (exponential rise/fall, Gauss pulse, Haversinus, Sinc, etc.) and arbitrary signals freely definable by the user. Depending on the waveform generator model, the frequency ranges reach up to several 100MHz or up to the high GHz range. An important feature of the waveform generators are functions like sweep, burst and modulations like AM, FM, PWM etc.

Power sources, laboratory power supplies...

...provide power for the permanent or test supply of devices, assemblies, or DUTs/devices under test. Depending on the delivered power as DC or AC voltage/DC or AC current, a distinction is made between DC power sources (DC laboratory power supplies) and AC sources (1- or 3-phase). In contrast, loads/sinks work as controllable electronic loads for test purposes.

For the analysis of the supply quality itself or the reaction of a DUT to the applied test supply, power analyzers and SMU (source measure units) are used.