DC Power Sources

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DC power sources, DC laboratory power supplies...

...supply DC power (DC - direct voltage/direct current) for permanent or test supply of devices, assemblies or DUTs (devices under test). DC power supplies also output voltages and currents other than those provided by the 220V mains or other supply networks. The output voltages and output currents supplied by the DC power supply are fixed or adjustable; for test purposes, sequences can often be programmed, for example a ramp-like rise or a simple on/off. DC power supplies can have one or more current, voltage or power limitations (fixed or adjustable). Some devices provide symmetrical output voltages. Multi-channel DC power supplies often have different ranges per channel.
In this category you will find devices of the manufacturers B+K Precision, erfi, ETSYSTEM, GMC-I/Gossen Metrawatt, Keysight, PeakTech, Rigol and Siglent.