Download Section Driver System ME-iDS

Driver, Software

Description Version/Revision Link
ME-iDS Windows Driver system ME-iDS (32 bit/x86 and 64 bit/x64) for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 incl. ME-PowerLab3 and new ME-iDC (Contol Center) ME-iDS: 2.1.4, ME-PowerLab3: 3.1
ME-iDS Windows File for BIOS version with activated "Secure-Boot"; for Windows 10 ME-iDS: 2.1.4 for "Secure Boot", ME-PowerLab3: 3.1
SDK Windows  Software Development Kit  
ME-iDS Linux incl. SDK. Tested under Ubuntu 14.04.4 32 bit Kernel 4.2, Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit Kernel 4.2, openSuSe Leap 42.1 64 bit Kernel 4.1. 1.3.70
ME-iDS Linux Quick installation Debian Ubuntu  
ME-iDS Linux Quick installation SuSe  
ME-iDS Linux incl. SDK. Tested under Debian 7.8 Kernel 3.2.65. 1.3.64

User's Manuals, Further Documents

Description Version/Revision Link
ME-iDS Quick Start Guide- read first! 1.6
ME-iDS user's manual 3.0E
ME-iDS user's manual 2.0E
ME-iDS user's manual 1.4E

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