RMA and Support

Meilhaus Electronic RMA and support

Meilhaus Electronic RMA Procedure and Support Requests

Dear customer,

we are committed to your satisfaction, and will happily process your return or repair. To return the item, please follow the steps below:

  1. Get your RMA* number online:
    Fill in and send the ▸online form via e-mail to service@meilhaus.de. We will send you an RMA number immediately via E-Mail.

  2. Pack the items:
    Pack the items securely. If possible, use the box the items arrived in (original product packaging plus secondary carton). All returns must be properly and securely packed according to the ESD guidelines. The customer assumes responsibility for the product until received at our facility. Quote the assigned RMA number in your delivery note. Also apply the RMA number to the secondary (outside) carton, but not to the original product packaging.

  3. Final check...
    Did you include everything?
    • Product.
      If you return an item: complete product with manuals, CD and other accessoreis included.
      In case of repairs or modifications: without accessories.
    • RMA number clearly visible on the outside/secondary carton (not on the original product packaging) and on the delivery note.
    • Detailed description of defect.
    • Copy of your invoice.
  4. Off we go!
    Now you can mail your package. Please note, that we can not accept unfranked returns or returns without an RMA form. If products returned for repair do not show any faults after detailed test, we charge a rate of 80.– € plus freight charges or pass on the charges of our supplier.

* RMA = Return Material Authorization.

Please note: We will store your product(s) sent in for RMA repair for a period of 3 months. If we don't receive a repair order in that time, we will dispose your product(s). We will contact you 14 days before the 3-months period is going to end, so you will have enough time to approve the repair.

Support Requests

Use the ▸online form also for your support request. This form helps you to easily send your request online via e-mail, and it ensures that our support team gets all necessary information. Use the address support@meilhaus.de.