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Measurement instruments for power measurement/analysis/power quality, battery testing, moreover source measure units/SMU (source and measurement instrument in one device) and multifunctional hybrid devices.

What is an SMU?

SMU stands for source measure/meter unit, i.e. a source and a measuring device (measure/meter) in one. The source is an electronically controlled precision laboratory power supply that delivers regulated current and voltage (4-quadrant voltage or current source). The measuring device is an electronic multimeter (or voltmeter and ammeter). The combination of these two types of devices has been developed from the requirements in the test field in laboratory and production. Here test objects have to be supplied with voltages/currents and measured. An SMU eliminates the need for complicated setups with several devices that have to be wired together, communicate with each other and require space. Instead, the user can fall back on only one device whose technical characteristics are tailor-made for such test applications.

Where are SMUs used?

SMUs are used in the semiconductor industry (testing of components - diodes, LEDs, sensors, transistors, ICs, etc.), in the field of "green energy" and the automotive sector (testing of photovoltaic cells, batteries, power transistors, etc.), research and development (characterization of nano-devices such as CNTs, testing of new materials, GMR/Giant Magnetic Resistance, organic devices, etc.) and wherever test objects of all kinds have to be supplied with current/voltage and measured very precisely.