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Point-by-Point. Due to the SiFi II technology point-by-point ARB-waveforms with high accuracy, low distortion and low jitter.

erfi elneos five - experience the touch. Why buy single devices when you can have all in one?

Still using a multimeter? Better use the flexible testing system for cables and harness. German MEcademy trainings for users!

Reliable data acquisition and control. Proven PC DAQ boards for industry and lab.

Maximum Flexibility. Multi-channel - measurement/acquisition, test, switching, logging.

Find every signal detail! Scrap the toys, get a real oscilloscope...

Ceyear RF measurement and test. Spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal sources up to 67 GHz.

B+K Precision Test and Measurement instruments new at Meilhaus Electronic!

New Products, Highlight, Recommendations

Ceyear vector network analyzer

RF Measurement up to 67 GHz

Spectrum analyzers, RF modulation signal sources and vector network analyzers (VNA) up to 67 GHz.


Ceyear RF measurement & test

Keysight DSOX1204A/G - 4-channel scope

Don't Miss Any Signal Details!

MegaZoom oscilloscope up to 200 MHz, signal generator (G), digital voltmeter and more.


Keysight 4-channel DSOX1204A/G

Keysight Streamline scope series

Keysight Streamline Scope Series

InfiniiVision 3000 scope power now also for USB - as an embedded PC oscilloscope.


Keysight Streamline Scope Series

Keysight DSOX/MSOX3000A/T highend scopes

Now up to 1 GHz!

Keysight scope power: MegaZoom oscilloscopes of the InfiniiVision 3000A and T series (T with touch operation).


Keysight DSOX/MSOX3000A/T

Rigol mixed signal oscilloscopes MSO5000

With UltraVision II and Touch

2/4-channel oscilloscopes up to 350 MHz, 8 GS/s sample rate, 500,000 Wfms/s capture rate. MSO: Logic analyzer on board!


Rigol MSO5000 Series

DAQ, switching and datalogging system Keysight DAQ970A

Maximum Flexibility

System with 3 slots/8 module types - for multi-channel DAQ/switching. Successor of the 34970A/34972A.


Keysight DAQ970A

ME series DAQ and control boards ME-4000

Made For Reliability

DAQ and control boards, incl. Windows drivers, LabVIEW drivers, DAQ lab and skripting software ME-PowerLab3.

English and German user manuals!

ME series

Keysight EDU promo 6.033

Keysight EDU Promotion 6.033

For EDU customers, schools, universities, etc.: Buy 3 or more identical Keysight promo devices (oscilloscopes, multimeters, waveform generators, power supplies), get 33% off.

Until March 31., 2019!

View promo

Rigol DG800/DG900 for precise point-by-point ARB waveforms

Rigol DG800/DG900 ARB Waveform Generators

1 or 2 channels, up to 100 MHz. Fanless, quiet, with touchscreen and with SiFi II technology: Point-by-point ARB waveforms with high accuracy, low distortion, low jitter.


Rigol DG800 and DG900

ClampMan-Light PBC fixture with vice


Solid holding vice fixture for PCBs. Ideal for measurement/test, soldering, repair. Rugged design with hydraulic joint stand - multiple degrees of freedom.



CableEye M4 test system for cables and cable harnesses

CableEye M4

Enhanced cable tester with resistance (2-/4-wire) and capacitance measurement. Cable lenght, distance to break, Twisted-Pairing measurement. Supplies detailed test documents.


CableEye M4

erfi elneos five - the new measurement instrument system with touch operation

erfi elneos five - The Intuitive Measurement Instrument System

Modular, multifunctional, intuitive with 5-finger multitouch operation. Full-width scratch resistant glas surface. Intelligent connectivity for a high level of security.


erfi elneos five

Short time Promotion: IkaScope WS200 handheld Wifi scope + logic analyzer

The Wifi Scope + Free Logic-Analyzer

Full mobility and isolation due to Wifi connectivity. Mobile apps. Promo: Free logic analyzer!

NEW! Promotion

IkaScope WS200 + Promo

The new generation with touch

New Rigol Generation with Touch Operation.

"UltraReal" relatime spectrum analyzers und "UltraVision II" mixed-signal oscilloscopes with touch operation.


Rigol DS/MSO 7000 series
Rigol RSA3000 series
Rigol RSA5000 series

B+K Precision sources, test and measurement devices

B+K Precision Sources and Measurement Instruments

DC and AC sources, loads, power and battery analysis, LCR meters, DMMs, oscilloscopes.


B+K Precision Sources and Measurement Instruments




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