ITECH power testing systems Meilhaus Electronic Free Evaluation Program Keysight SMU2900B/BL source and measurement device in one Siglent SNA5000A VNA Vector Network Analyzer Keysight Smart Bench Essentials - low-cost professional measurement and test TekBox products for EMV pre-compliance testing PicoScope6000 highend 4/8 channel USB PC oscilloscopes VNA Ceyear 3671 Rohde & Schwarz Essentials - Power Supplies B+K Precision LCR meter, 0.05% impedance accuracy

Power testing systems for automotive, regenerative energy, batteries, IoT etc.

Test PC DAQ/control boards from the ME family in your system. New: ME-5820 series opto-digital-I/O

New precision: Keysight B2900B series source measure units

Siglent SNA5000A 2/4-channel VNA, up to 4.5/8.5GHz, various measurements and calibrations, wide touchscreen.

Affordable test and measurement instruments for education, training, industry etc.

Everything you need for EMC pre-compliance testing: Antennas, amps, LISN, TEM cells etc.

PicoScope 6000E series: High performance oscilloscop incl. ser. decoding, mask test and more!

Ceyear 3671C/D/E vector network analyzer  100kHz/10MHz to 14/20/26.5GHz.

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15% discount until August 31., 2021. Fast, precise, with versatile functions.