ITECH power testing systems Meilhaus Electronic new ME-53x0 digital-I/O board series Siglent SDS6000A mixed-signal oscilloscopes Keysight SMU2900B/BL source and measure in one Eaton Sefelec1500M teraohm /insulation resistance meter PicoScope6000 highend 4/8 channel USB PC oscilloscopes Copper Mountain VNA S5243 Rohde & Schwarz Essentials - Power Supplies Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 series Teledyne Flir product lines Rigol StationMax DS70000 HIOKI product lines LabJack T8 DAQ system Red Pitaya SoC RF T&M platform

Power testing systems for automotive, regenerative energy, batteries, IoT etc.

New digital-I/O and counter PC boards. Expandable with relays and opto-isolation.

Siglent SDS6000A 4-channel MSO up to 2GHz, 5GS/s per channel, wide touch screen.

High precision: Keysight B2900B series source measure units. Meilhaus Electronic is Keysight Technologies E-reseller 2022!

Teraohm meter up to 2000TΩ, pico-ammeter 20.00pA...20.00mA - with touch screen.

PicoScope 6000E series: High performance oscilloscop incl. ser. decoding, mask test and more!

USB PC vector network analyzer, 2-port for S11/S21/S12/S22, 10MHz to 44GHz, and other series S models.

New at Meilhaus Electronic: R&S Essentials Power Supplies

6/8 GHz USB realtime spectrum analyzer and RTSA-Suite-PRO software.

Thermal imaging cameras and combination devices: DMM, current clamps, videoscopes, climate, moisture measurement

Rigol StationMax DS70000 5-in-1 Oscilloscope Workstation

HIOKI power analysis and battery testing, impedance and LCR measurement, loggers and recorders

The new LabJack T8 - USB, LAN, 8 differential analog inputs with simultaneous sampling.

The "Swiss Army Knife for Engineers": Red Pitaya SoC-based RF T&M platform.