Oscilloscopes, digital-multimeters, waveform generators, RF instruments, power supplies Meilhaus Electronic Free Evaluation Program PicoScope4000 high resolution 2/4/8 channel USB PC oscilloscopes Keysight SMU2900B/BL source and measurement device in one Siglent SVA1000X spectrum and network analyzer Slider Picture Keysight Smart Bench Essentials - low-cost professional measurement and test

Meilhaus Electronic - wide range of measuring instruments

Test PC DAQ/control boards from the ME family in your system. New: ME-5820 series opto-digital-I/O

PicoScope 4000A series: 2, 4, 8 channels, 12bit, 70dB dynamic range.

New precision: Keysight B2900B series source measure units

Siglent SVA1000X multifunctional RF analyzer: SA, VNA, DTF, EMC and more

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Affordable test and measurement instruments for education, training, industry etc.