Design and Production Processes

ME Series DAQ Boards: Quality MADE IN GERMANY


Local PCB assembling companies and service providers


Are you looking for a reliable supplier for your measurement technology components who speaks your language? At Meilhaus Electronic, specialist for PC measurement and interface technology, the quality seal "Made in Germany" is taken seriously:

  • Hardware design directly at Meilhaus Electronic:
    You will receive competent and free support before and after your purchase - in German or English, directly from Meilhaus Electronic. If necessary, you can count on fast repairs without shipping times abroad. And your investment is secured by long-term delivery service.
  • Production by our trusted and tested local PCB assembling companies:
    This ensures the quality you are used to from ME products. Production in the Munich area - no production in low-cost countries.
  • Software development directly at Meilhaus Electronic:
    With the ME series you receive free driver software and German and English manuals (PDF). If you have any questions or problems during the design-in phase, you can directly access the know-how of our support and software development team - without long waiting times for e-mails from abroad.

Local PCB assembling company

Production Partner

Pictures from one of our production partners near Munich:

Local PCB assembling company

Environmental Compatibility - Green Engineering

CO2 reduced

  • Compliance with current laws and guidelines is a matter of course for Meilhaus Electronic throughout the entire product development chain. From development to delivery, we consider environmentally friendly parts, components and processes. Furthermore, we pay attention to a careful selection of suppliers and service providers who support and comply with our overall environmental philosophy. This is also monitored and further developed in the course of our environmental management system.
  • Meilhaus Electronic develops and manufactures in Germany, for the most part even in the Munich/Bavaria area close to our company headquarters (no production in low-cost countries). The production at selected PCB assemling companies of our trust guarantees high quality and also secures local jobs. In addition, the distances of transportation are short and therefore environmentally friendly: No "flight products". Only for the components on our measuring cards we are unfortunately partly dependent on international suppliers. But even these suppliers work according to the relevant regulations and therefore as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • When developing products, Meilhaus Electronic pays attention to future-proofing, because if you can use a product for a long time, you not only protect your investment but also protect the environment.
  • If necessary, ME products are always given priority repair by our service team - even after many years. In case of urgent "emergencies", a replacement can of course also be made, but for the sake of the environment, all products are developed in such a way that they are in principle "repairable" (i.e. no welding etc.).
  • ME products are supplied with electronic manuals (PDF). This saves paper and protects the environment!
  • Of course Meilhaus Electronic also complies with the legally relevant and applicable guidelines as an importer and distributor of components manufactured outside the EU. Together with our suppliers, we convert our entire product range to RoHS-compliant products for you and participate in the disposal in accordance with the WEEE directive.

Certificates and Declarations

▸RoHS declaration of conformity

▸Statement on REACH regulation

▸PFOS/PFOA declaration