Multimeters, Testers

Multimeters, digital multimeters (DMM)...

...are measuring instruments that can measure various electrical quantities in different measuring ranges. Depending on the instrument model, these are mainly DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, but also resistance (2- and/or 4-wire), continuity, diode test, frequency/period, capacitance and temperature (usually with an externally connected temperature sensor, for example thermocouple). The measurement of voltage, current and resistance are usually part of the basic standard functionality of multimeters. Devices that are specialized in measuring resistance, capacitance and inductance (as well as other related parameters such as Z, ESR, DCR, D, Q etc.) are called LCR meters. Analog multimeters with pointer are rarely found anymore. Nowadays, digital multimeters/DMMs with numerical display are the most commonly used.
Important characteristics of multimeters are, besides the measuring features and additional functions: Measuring ranges, display digits, resolution steps, accuracy, measuring speed, display, interfaces, for handheld models: Ruggedness and user-friendliness in field use and power supply/battery operating time.
In various versions from stand-alone devices to embedded modules and handheld devices, multimeters are used in laboratory/research and development, calibration, in test and test field, in process automation, in service, repair and maintenance and much more. Well-known manufacturers in the Meilhaus Electronic GmbH product range are B+K Precision, erfi, GMC-I/Gossen Metrawatt, Keysight, LCR Research, PeakTech, Rigol, Siglent and Yokogawa. Also in this category: Testers/testers, insulation testers, cable testers.