DAQ Lab Software ME-PowerLab3

ME-PowerLab3 - Die Software für ME-Serie Messkarten

Benefits of the ME-PowerLab3 Software

  • Virtual instrumentation lab for Windows environments.
  • Ready-to-go software for all modern ME-boards.
  • Many flexible features, including a scriptingeditor.

DAQ Lab Software and Toolmonitor ME-PowerLab3

Take the short cut to measurements without programming! The software ME-PowerLab3 is a complete virtual measurement lab for the ME-series DAQ boards. ME-PowerLab3 offers many useful functions: From simple analog or digital I/O to FFTs, XY graphs, digital filtering or modulations (AM, FM). ME-PowerLab3 is based on an MCD ToolMonitor.

The software automatically detects which ME card is in your PC and depending on this hardware, applies the corresponding functions. The input and output to the analog, digital and counter channels of the respective cards are supported. The interrupt controller is also considered depending on hardware requirements.

Recorded values can be represented in different ways, for example as a voltmeter with pointer-representation, values as a list (table) or as a graph. All signals and measured values can be recorded and exported in various formats. The program interface can be made widely available and adaptable to the user requirements. Once created, configurations can be saved in project files and called upon when needed. With the help of an integrated script engine, all import and export functions are performed automatically.

For third-party software, the Toolmonitor can be fully remote controlled.

COM/DCOM or .Net-Assembly is used as an interface. This allows the Toolmonitor to be integrated in a large number of applications (Microsoft Visual Studio (C#, C++, Visual Basic), Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel), Open Office, LabVIEW, MCD TestManager CE). The software automatically recognizes which ME-board is installed in your PC. It then lists the functions which your hardware supports.

  • Supports analog inputs, analog outputs, digital I/O, counters, and interrupt control (depending on hardware).
  • Can be used as a whole line of virtual instruments: Datalogger, oscilloscope, signal-generator, etc.
  • Display your analog inputs as a voltmeter with round dials, as a list of values, or as a curve on a line diagram.
  • Many extras such as FFT, XY-display, filtering (low-, high-, band-pass, band-rejection), modulation (AM, FM, PM).
  • Export all recorded signals and values in various formats (XML, CSV, graphic).
  • Create your own user interface. Configurations are stored in project files and can be reloaded, if required.
  • Use the integrated script engine to automatize all measurements and settings. With additional external software, ME-PowerLab3 can be completely remote controlled: COM/DCOM or a .Net assembly is used as an interface. With this, ME-PowerLab3 can be integrated into a variety of applications (Microsoft Visual Studio (C#, C++, Visual Basic), Microsoft Office (e. g. Excel), Open Office, LabVIEW, MCD TestManager CE).
  • Create your own user dialogs with the integrated dialog designer and link them with your own functions.
  • Create protocols of all parameters and values with the report designer and export them in various file formats.

▸Download via driver system ME-iDS.