Benchtop-Oscilloscopes with Display

Oscilloscopes as stand-alone/benchtop units with keys/buttons and display; fully operational even without PC - all manufacturers:

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Oscilloscopes as Benchtop Devices...

...are measuring instruments that can work "stand-alone", i.e. independently of a PC. For this reason, they have a front panel with operating elements such as switches and rotary knobs as well as a display or touch screen for displaying the acquired signals. The screen area for signal display is divided by grid lines/divisions. The vertical grid corresponds to the Volt/Division setting. The horizontal grid corresponds to the s/Division setting. Most desktop units have interfaces to communicate with the PC for remote control, automation and data exchange, despite stand-alone operation.

Advantage of benchtop devices: Stand-alone devices with which one can immediately measure and display the measured signals on the device display. No "bottleneck" of an interface between oscilloscope and PC, fast screen update rates. Thanks to better and better, highly integrated ASIC chips, the performance and accuracy of these devices is increasing while prices are often falling. Front panel haptics.