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RF test and measurement...

...in this section describes the measurement technology of signals in a higher frequency range up to 500GHz and the associated measurement technology to a large extent in the frequency domain. The shop section contains spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers (VNA), RF cable and antenna testers, microwave analyzers, noise figure meters, RF power measurement and power sensors, sampling oscilloscopes and time domain reflectometry (TDR/TDT).

Spectrum analyzers are instruments for measuring and displaying signals in the frequency domain. When displayed as a frequency spectrum, the horizontal axis is usually the frequency axis and the vertical axis is the amplitude axis. In contrast, the oscilloscope displays the signal in the time domain, with the x-axis as the time axis and the y-axis for the voltage/amplitude.
Vector network analyzers (VNA) measure and characterize the transmission characteristics of a device under test (electronic "network") such as a passive or active quadripole, filter, amplifier, semiconductor component, an entire assembly or even an entire transmission path including antenna. A VNA is a transmitter/source as well as a receiver/measuring device and analyzer: The VNA analyzes fed, transmitted and reflected RF signals on the DUT in relation to each other.

Areas of application are research and development, pre-compliance testing, production tests, RF technology, radio , mobile communications incl. G5, etc.