GPIB Expansions and Extensions

GPIB Expansions and Extensions


Burst the limits of GPIB!

With these extenders and expanders you can pass the maximum distance of 20 m established by the GPIB standard, using fibre optics or copper cables. As an option you can also opto-isolate the bus sections from each other. And you can expand the maximum number of bus devices of 15 with these boxes.

GPIB expander/isolator: Model 4860/4862

  • 20 m additional bus distance.
  • 14 additional instrumente at the bus.
  • 670 kB/s GPIB throughput. Signal propagation all - 80 ns typical, 180 ns maximum.
  • Model 4860: Full galvanic bus isolation up to 2000 V.
  • Transparent, no GPIB address: No special software required.

GPIB extender, fibre optics up to 5 km: Model 4897, 4897L - obsolete

  • Extends the distance of GPIB
  • ...up to 200 m with copper cable,
  • ...7 km with ST fibre 1300 nm or
  • ...15 km SC fibre 1300 nm (model 4897L).
  • Transparent for all GPIB commands.
  • Galvanic isolation through fibre optics transmission. Using copper cable: Isolation up to 1500 VDC.
  • Throughput up to 660 kB/s, at 5 km up to 250 kB/s. Buffered/unbuffered.
  • Robust desktop box.

GPIB controlled bus switch: Model 4842

  • Software controlled GPIB switch 1-to-2 or 1-to-3.
  • Up to three PCs can access one GPIB instrument ("multiplexer") or...
  • one PC can access and controll 3 GPIB systems.
  • Switching via GPIB commands.
  • High data rate; 50 ns handshake delay.

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