Download Section Meilhaus Electronic ME-System Technology: ME-Neuron, ME-Synapse

This product group includes the models ME-Synapse (ME-1) in the versions Express, LAN and USB as well as the ME-Neuron (ME-2).

Drivers, Software

Current Versions

The ME-Synapse USB and LAN can only be used with the supported ME series 3 U CompactPCI boards (please contact our technical support). The ME series boards are therefore delivered with and run with the current version of the » driver system ME-iDS. ME series boards in ME-Synapse Express or ME-Neuron also are delivered with and run with the » driver system ME-iDS.

The ME-Synapse Express and the ME-Neuron can also be used with 3 U CompactPCI boards from other suppliers (unsupported).

User's Manuals, Further Documents

Current Versions

Description Version/Revision Link
ME-1/ME-Synapse Express English user's manual 3.0E
ME-1/ME-Synapse Express Additional English instructions for host and target adaptor 2.0
ME-1/ME-Synapse LAN English instructions for use 2.0E
ME-1/ME-Synapse USB English instructions for use 2.0E
ME-2/ME-Neuron English instructions for use 2.0E

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