ET System Product Line

ETSYSTEM power products, AC/DC sources/sinks

Highpower Sources

  • AC sources, 1 and 3 phase, 250 VA up to 36,000 VA.
  • Simulation of single- and three-phase networks. AC and DC operation.
  • Graphical display. Measuring of: voltage, current, average and peak current, effective power, idle power, apparent power, power factor, crest factor.

  • DC sources, 1.2 kW up to 120 kW
  • Efficiency up to 94%. Active and parallel connectable.
  • Easiest operation via front panel. Constant current, voltage, resistance and power operation. UI, UIP, UIR mode, simulation of PV arrays.

  • Electronic DC loads (current sinks).
  • Configurable according to requirements.
  • Optional communication interrfaces: GPIB, RS232, RS485, USB, LAN.

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