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PC Plug-in Boards for Measurement Data Acquisition, Control, Simulation, Test and more

Meilhaus Electronic measurement and test

Rely on Tried & Tested Industrial Technology!

Rugged, fail-safe PC DAQ boards, many models with isolation.

Nearly all industrial process control systems imply the same basic tasks:

  • Measurement data acquisition from the process, for example voltages from sensors.
  • Detect digital statuses, for example check, if a relay or switch is really closed/open.
  • Switching, control of actuators in the process - in the simplest case: LED/light on/off, control relay etc.

Rely on tried & tested technology for the solution of these tasks:
PC DAQ/control boards from Meilhaus Electronic.

  • Design and production in Germany - user manuals in German and English language, German and English support.
  • Tried & tested, worldwide in various industrial applications.
  • Versatile software for Windows, including drivers for C#, LabVIEW and TestManager CE as well as free application program/Toolmonitor ME-PowerLab3.
  • Longtime availability/long lifetime: Many models still available for Standard-PCI!
  • Sustainable: Products are repairable, fast service/rapairs directly at Meilhaus Electronic.

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PC DAQ Boards in the Era of USB and Ethernet

Virtually Unlimited Possibilities - it's Your Choice!

Are PC DAQ boards still up to date in the era of USB and Ethernet? It depends on your application! Fortunately today you have a wide variety of possible solutions for your measurement, DAQ and control tasks. Depending on the application, solutions with different designs, structures and platforms offer special benefits. That also applies to PC DAQ boards:

Integrated into an industrial PC or CompactPCI system and combined with the right signal-conditioning, they are a good solution for example for applications with multiple channes within tight space, for industrial process control, realtime applications and test stands.

Just call us: Phone ++49 - 81 41 - 52 71-0 | sales@meilhaus.de. We help you to find the best solution for your measurement and control tasks - DAQ board, USB/LAN module or measurement instrument.