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Combined instruments with intuitive touch operation. erfi elneos five: Why buy single devices when you can have all in one?

Measurement Instruments, Testers

Measuring instruments...

...for laboratory, research and development, industry/process automation, test/inspection technology, workshop/maintenance/service, commissioning and more. Classic, self-contained, PC-independent measuring instruments, handhelds as well as embedded and modular devices for the PC. Meilhaus Electronic offers a huge selection of oscilloscopes (bench top, embedded/PC oscilloscopes, handhelds, mixed signal and logic analysers), multimeters (bench top, PC multimeters, handhelds), spectrum analysers for laboratory and pre-compliance, vector network analysers, RF test and measurement equipment, insulation testers, cable testers and much more. The instruments come from well-known manufacturers, including B+K Precision, CAMI/CableEye, CANWAY, Ceyear, Cleverscope, Copper Mountain, erfi, GMC-I/Gossen Metrawatt, IKA LOGIC, Keysight, LCR Research, PeakTech, Pico Technology, Rigol, Saleae, Siglent, Tabor Electronics, Yokogawa.