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Handheld measuring instruments...

...are mainly used in service, maintenance, repair, in the field, during commissioning etc. These areas of application place additional demands on the devices: They must be easy to grip and secure in the hand, even survive a fall, and be easy to read even in poor lighting conditions or at an unfavourable viewing angle. Operation should be simple and also possible with protective gloves. Handheld measuring instruments must work independently of mains power, i.e. with battery or rechargeable battery. In many cases a later transfer of the measurement data to a PC is desired, so that additional interfaces such as USB, Ethernet/LAN or wireless Bluetooth and Wifi interfaces can be an advantage. Depending on the application, dust and splash water protection up to Ex/explosion protection may be required. As the devices are carried most of the time, weight and size also play a decisive role, and therefore also safe storage including accessories in a bag or case.
Well-known manufacturers of handheld devices in the Meilhaus Electornic range include B+K Precision, Ceyear, GMC-I/Gossen Metrawatt, IKA LOGIC, Keysight, LCR Research, PeakTech, Siglent and Yokogawa.