Tonghui Product Line - Impedance-, LCR, Hipot and Safety Testers

Tonghui TH9010 and TH2840 series

The Tonghui instruments are a series of high quality electronic test and measurement instruments. Applications can be found in the test of passive and semiconductor components (eg. impedance parameter estimation and performance analysis of capacitors, inductors, tranformers, magnetic cores, resistors, piezoelectric devicess, transformers, LED drivers, transistors etc.), as well as other components such as PCBs, relays, switches, cables, batteries. They can also be used for test of dielectric, magnetic and semiconductor materials and liquid crystal cells. The hipot safety testers are designed for automated test system for household appliances, transformers, motors, electrical equipment, lighting equipment, new energy vehicles and more.

  • Precision LCR meters: TH2840A and B.
  • Automatic transformer testing system: TH2840AX, BX, and NX.
  • Impedance analyzer: TH2851 series.
  • 4- and 8-channel safety/hipot testers: TH9010A, TH9010.