AlliCE Near-Field Probes EMI Series

Allice Near-Field Probes EMI Series
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Benefits of the AlliCE EMI EMC Nearfield Probes for E and H Field

  • Makes it easy to detect the sources of interfering magnetic and electronic fields.
  • Test your circuitry/designs for interfering emissions.
  • The ideal accessories for spectrum analyzers from Keysight, Rigol, PeakTech and others.

AlliCE EMI Series EMC Nearfield Probes

Detect EMI-relevant fields, for example on your printed circuit board, with the AlliCE EMC probes. Allice EMI probes are designed for the near field and can be used with spectrum analyzers, measurement receivers and oscilloscopes. All probes are active and include a built-in amplifyer.

  • Detect EMI sources and analyze their structure.
  • Designed for the close-up range.
  • Conversion of measurements of magnetic or electric fields into currents or voltages.
  • All probes are active (include a built-in RF amplifier).
  • The probes of the EMInspector series are used to examine PCBs and small SMD components. They are sensitive for changes of the magnetic flux and electric fileds. In the sense of EMI, they can detect disturbance current in ground planes.

Model Overview

EMI probes (individual probes*)Description: Series EMInspector
EMI-HH field probe, active, USBFrequency range: approx. 3 MHz to 3 GHz
EMI-H/EH/E field probe, active, USBFrequency range: approx. 3 MHz to 3 GHz
EMI probe sets**Description
EMI-Set 1HZ551-U, EMI-H probes
EMI-Set 2HZ551-U, EMI-H, EMI-H/E probes
Accessoriesfor EMI probes and active probes EMI Series
EMI probes (individual probes*)Description: Series HZ-55x
EMI probe sets**Description: Series HZ-55x

* individual probes supplied without accessories.
**probe sets: Probes, cable, case, user manual.