AP Series Backplanes for 5B Modules

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Backplane for Signal Conditioning Modules in 5B Design

Up to two or eight measuring amplifiers, converters, output modules, or any other function modules can be plugged into the analog backplane AP2a or AP8a. The variety of available 5B modules provides for the solution of the most specific measuring tasks - individual and simple. The pin assignment of the backplane integrated in the AP corresponds to the 5B module standard of Analog Devices and Burr Brown. An additional 0EX pin has been introduced for sensors requiring unipolar supply to be suitable for connection.

  • Backplane for analog measuring amplifiers for 2x or 8x 5B modules.
  • 2 or 8 channes.
  • 5B compatible.
  • Pluggable, 7-pin input terminals.
  • Amplifier outputs available on 3-pin. screw terminals/16 pin field, for connection to DAQ system inputs.
  • Wide range for power supply 9...40 V or 5 V.
  • DIN rail mountable.
  • AP8a: 8 direct switches for bridging of empty slot.

Model Overview

Model Channels/5B slots Power supply Size (cm, LxWxH, board only) max. current to be drawn for the modules (total of current of all individual modules)
AP2a 2 9...40 V (max. 1 A DC) or +5 VDC ±5% (max. 1.5 ADC) 10 x 7 x 4 120 mA
AP8a 8 9...40 V (max. 1 A DC) or +5 VDC ±5% (max. 1.5 ADC) 18 x 10 x 2 1 A

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