Ethernet Air-Pack

Obsolete - not available
acksys ethernet-air-pack
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EOL/obsolete, not available anymore


  • Point-to-point indoor communication.
  • Wireless Ethernet/LAN bridge.
  • Bundle with two modules.

Point-to-Point Indoor Wireless Communication

The ACKSYS Air-Pack connects two Ethernet devices or complete networks via wireless bridge. The ACKSYS Air-Pack is a good solution for applications, where cables cannot be used or are too expensive. Moreover, the wireless communication also brings a full galvanic isolation between the devices. In some cases, wireless systeme are easier to maintain, as errors in cable harnesses with multiple wires can be hard to find. The Air-Pack consists of two ready-to-use modules.

  • Build wireless industrial networks.
  • Wireless point-to-point connections.
  • Wireless connection of ethernet networks.
  • Build wireless bridges between a serial MODbus network and MODbus/TCP.
  • For Windows and Linux systemes.
  • Compatible with WiFi IEEE 802.11a.


  • Wireless control systems for robotic, cranes, displays in public transportation etc.
  • Replacement of wired communication systems to radio connections.
  • Control systems in stations, airports, hotels, trade shows...
  • Integration of wireless telemetry and measurement equipment.
  • Connect mobile terminals for quality or security monitoring.
  • Connect serial devices in dangerous or explosive environments.
  • Connect access control or security systems to wireless networks.
  • As highspeed full-duplex wireless serial link between two devices.
  • Monitor and control plants, for example clarification plants, process flows.
  • Mobile applications in geotechnical or environmental technology.

Model Overview

▸HyperLan-Pack ▸Ethernet Air-Pack
Connects ethernet networks or ethernet devices: Fast, wireless ethernet connection between buildings, plants, CCTV cameras, offshore platforms and for temporary installations. Wider distances, depending on antennas and positioning of antennas. Connects ethernet networks or ethernet devices: Replaces Ethernet cables between devices like PCs, IP video, printers. Replaces the network cable between RJ45 wall connector and computer. Forms a wireless bridge between two independent ethernet networks, for example betweewn buildings, SPS/PLC networks. Shorter distances, with integrated antennas.
Ethernet wireless backhaul, kit with 2 pre-configured devices (OFDM backhaul). IP 66 enclosures and parabolic antennas Point-to-point ethernet-wireless connection, kit with 2 pre-configured devices. Universal wall/DIN-rail mountable metal enclosure
WiFi IEEE 802.11a WiFi IEEE 802.11a

Included: Bundle for wireles ethernet transmission, with 2 antennas, bridge modules and accessories, see datasheet.