FOTRIC 600 R&D Station Thermal Imaging Camera System

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Benefits of the FOTRIC 618C and 616C R&D Dedicated R&D Thermal Test Platform

  • High thermal resolution of 640 x 480 pixel for over 300,000 temperature points as data matrix.
  • 20 µm or 50 µm macro lenses helps for thermal maps of semiconductor chips and circuits.
  • State of the art imaging algorithm significantly reduces noise and boosts image clarity.

FOTRIC 600 R&D Station Thermal Imaging Camera System

Model FOTRIC 618C R&D and FOTRIC 616C R&D Thermal PCB Analysis System

The FOTRIC 600 R&D is a dedicated R&D test platform, allowing researchers to observe and analyze eg. PCBs in a flexible, fine and stable manner. It is based on an thermal imaging camera combined with powerful software and a rugged stand. The device adopts cutting-edge hardware including infrared detector, main processing chip, FPGA, power supply chip, etc., which guarantee the quality, performance and stability of the camera.

  • The thermal imaging camera is equipped with 30° standard lens for comprehensive overview.
  • Other versions have a 20 µm or 50 µm macro lenses to obtain temperature distribution and detailed data of microstructures such as chips.
  • 640 x 480 pixel infrared detector provides a thermal map with over 300,000 temperature points as data matrix.
  • State of the art imageing algorithm significantly reduces noise and boosts image clarity.
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.03°C for accurate temperature measurement.
  • High EMC compatibility, effectively prevent electromagnetic interference and electrostatic breakdown.
  • The test platform allows for easy lifting, rotation, fixation and other practical adjustment movements.
  • Manual focus offers flexible and accurate focusing and fine thermogram acquisition.
  • Powerful software support AnalyzIR included:
    • View temperature changes, overall distribution and other information, and to adjust the camera configuration.
    • Camera communicates with a PC to display, transmit, record, and analyze full radiometric video streams in real time.
    • Secondary analysis of the thermal image files, adding, deleting, renaming, moving measurement tools and adjusting the thermal image or full radiometric video.
    • Modification of the thermal parameters of the thermal image file, including emissivity, reflected temperature, atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, target distance, external optical transmittance, GPS location information, etc.
    • Set partial emissivity for individual measurement tools to improve accuracy.
    • Display, export, save, and overlay time of temperature curves for any measurement tool.
    • Full radiometric thermal video supports both raw mode and temperature difference mode analysis.
    • The thermal image file supports histogram, 3D graph, and line temperature distribution display.
      and more
  • I/O external trigger recording.
  • DB, TCP/IP Modbus, RS232 Modbus serial communication and data transfer with external systems.

Model Overview

Infrared resolution640 x 480384 x 288
Detector typeUncooled infrared focal plane detector
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)<0.03°C at 30°C, 30 mK<0.05°C at 30°C, 50 mK
Infrared spectral band7...14 µm
Standard lense29° x 22°30° x 22°
IFOV0.78 mrad1.3 mrad
Minimum focus distance0.1 m0.15 m
Focal length21.6 mm13 mm
Macro lenses--
Fixed focal length-20 mm-50 mm
Pixel size-20 µm-50 µm
Focus typeManual
Measurement analysis
Temperature measurement range-20...+150°C; 0...+650°C
Accuracy±2°C or ±2%, whichever is greater (ambient temperature between +15...+35°C)
Measurement parametersEmissivity; ambient temperature; reflected temperature; relative humidity; distance; external optics compensation
Partial emissivitySupported
Image display
Palettes10 standard palettes and 10 inverted palettes
Image processNon-uniform calibration, digital enhancement
Mirror modeLeft-right, up-down, center
Video compression standardH.264
Support radiometric stream25 Hz radiometric stream30 Hz radiometric stream
Pan-tilt-zoom station compatibilitySupport Pelco-D protocol
Measurement tools5 points, 10 lines and 10 regions, support Modbus output
General data
Network connectionEthernet type 10M/100M/1000M adaptive;
simultaneous stream: Mainstream and substream: 10 radiometric stream: 1;
IP connection interface ONVIF
Electrical connectionPower connector: Screw-on wire terminal;
network connector: Screw-on RJ45 with status indicator LED;
serial port RS485: 1 input, 1 output;
alarm input/output: Relay (1 input, 1 output, load capacity 24 V/1.5 A), optocoupler: 1 input (5...15 mA), 1 output(<35 mA), 1 GND, voltage 3.3...24 V
Power supply12 V/24 VDC, PoE
4 W3 W
EnvironmentalTemperature -20...+65°C (operating), -40...+70°C (storage); relative humidity <90%
Dimensions (mm)112 x 68 x 60; 485 g (without lens or base);
protection level IP40;
outer casing material aluminum alloy