ITECH IT-M3100D Dual-Channel DC Power Supply

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Benefits of the IT-M3100D DC 2-Channel Power Supply up to 2x 400 W

  • Fully isolated dual-channel output up to 30/60 V, 15/10 A, 200/400 W.
  • Independent control of multi-channels - user can have access up to 16 channels.
  • Support TRACE function and up to 100 steps LIST operation.

ITECH IT-M3100D Dual-Channel DC Power Supply

The ITECH IT-M3100D series devices are dual-channel programmable DC power supplie with only 1 U half rack size. The provide fully isolated dual-channel output. The flexible modular design with independent channels and simultaneous operation function allow you to configure each channel freely. The IT-3100D devices are an ideal solution for production line aging tests and building automated test system, in experiments and evaluation, quality management etc.

  • High power density, 1 U half-rack only isolated dual-channel design.
  • Different timing output of each channel, synchronous or delayed output, output with different voltage ratios.
  • Adjustable rise/fall time.
  • Up to 100 steps LIST operation, support output of various dynamic waveforms.
  • CC/CV loop speed and priority setting.
  • Independent control of multi- channels, one communication card can control up to 16 channels.
  • Support CW.
  • Support CANOPEN, LXI, SCPI.
  • Five optional cards providing RS232, CAN, LAN/Ethernet, GPIB, USB_TMC, USB_VCP, RS485, external analog and I/O communication interfaces.
  • Support TRACE function, can draw voltage and current waveforms in real time (supported by software/program).
  • Various protection functions such as sense, OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, foldback.
  • Provide self-locking function: When the device is self-locked, the device will not be able to output.

Model Overview

ModelChannel 1Channel 2
IT-M3131D30 V15 A200 W30 V15 A200 W
IT-M3141D30 V15 A400 W30 V15 A400 W
IT-M3132D60 V10 A200 W60 V10 A200 W
IT-M3142D60 V10 A400 W60 V10 A400 W