ITECH IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supplies

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  • Measurement resolution up to 0.01 W/0.1 mA, meets Energy Star Standard requirements.
  • TRIAC drimming and simulation function.
  • Output the changed synchronous TTL signal.

ITECH IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supply

The ITECH IT7300 series can be widely applied in the electronics and electrical industry, lighting, aviation, military, R&D specification’s verification, laboratory testing and factory production online test etc. The IT7300 devices deliver AC power up to 1500 VA with an adjustable frequency in the range of 45 to 500 Hz and an adjustbale phase angle of 0 to 360°.

  • Precise linear amplification technology, low noise, high stability.
  • High power density design, 1500 VA for 3U size, save installation space.
  • Adjustable frequency 45...500 Hz.
  • Adjustable phase angle 0...360°.
  • Settable output slew rate of voltage and frequency.
  • High current crest factor for surge current testing.
  • TRIAC Dimmer dimming/governor simulation function.
  • Output the changed synchronous TTL signal.
  • LIST mode for testing power perturbation (PLD) simulation.
  • Simulate surge, trap waveform.
  • Voltage dip, short interruption and voltage change simulation.
  • Measure various electrical parameters, including RMS voltage/current, actual power, power factor, VA (apparent power), peak current and other parameters.
  • Measurement resolution 0.01 W/0.1 mA, meet Energy Star standard requirement.
  • Built-in GPIB/IEEE488, RS232, USB and Ethernet/LAN (support SCPI protocol).
  • Support three devices connection through system bus to achieve three-phase AC power function.

Model Overview

IT7322150 V6 A/3 A750 VA1
IT7324150 V12 A/6 A1500 VA1
IT7326150 V24 A/12 A3000 VA1
IT7322H250 V3 A/1.5 A750 VA1
IT7324H250 V6 A/3 A1500 VA1
IT7326H250 V12 A/6 A3000 VA1
IT7322T150 V6 A/3 A2250 VA3
IT7324T150 V12 A/6 A4500 VA3
IT7326T150 V24 A/12 A9000 VA3
IT7322HT250 V3 A/1.5 A2250 VA3
IT7324HT250 V6 A/3 A4500 VA3
IT7326HT250 V12 A/6 A9000 VA3