ET System LAB-SMSL Series DC Sources and Load, Voltage-controlled, 2-quadrant Operation

ET System LAB-SMSL Series DC Sources with Integrated Load, Voltage-controlled for 2-quadrant Operation
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Benefits of the ET System LAB-SMSL DC Sources and Loads up to 3/4/5 kW

  • DC sources with integrated load, voltage-controlled.
  • For 2-quadrant operation.
  • Power 3 kW, 4 kW, or 5 kW.

ET System LAB-SMSL Series DC Sources and Load, Voltage-controlled, 2-quadrant Operation

The ET System LAB-SMSL series are voltage-controlled DC sources with integrated load for 2-quadrant operation. The series covers a range of 3 kW, 4 kW, or 5 kW. The devices have a compact design and feature a quiet operation, ensuring that it is pleasant to work within the vicinity of the unit. They operate in constant current, voltage, resistance, and power mode (CC, CV, CR, CP) and allow the simulation of PV arrays. The devices offer various protective functions and a variety of features and options.

  • DC sources with integrated load.
  • Voltage-controlled for 2-quadrant operation.
  • 3 kW, 4 kW, or 5 kW.
  • Output voltages up to 600 V.
  • Output currents up to 200 A.
  • Compact design.
  • Quiet operation, ensuring that it is pleasant to work within the vicinity of the unit.
  • Very easy to control via front panel.
  • Information via graphic display.
  • Constant voltage, current, resistance, power operation (CC, CV, CR, CP) and simulation of PV arrays.
  • With integrated load; 300...2000 W voltage-controlled for 2-quadrant operation.
  • Create any type of voltage or current curve via memory card or digital interface (sequential operation).
  • Script operation, in conjunction with the Datalog function, enables an independent stand-alone test field to be set up.
  • Standard integrated ATI 5/10 galvanically isolated analogue interface: 0...5 V or 0...10 V (user selectable) and RS232, soft interlock.
  • Digital interfaces (optional) GPIB/IEEE488, RS485, USB, and LAN.
  • SD card slot (optional).
  • Filter functions which can be adjusted for analogue interface.
  • Voltage rise time and current rise time (U and I slopes) are adjustable.
  • Umax and Imax can be set by the user in order to limit output voltage or output current.
  • A switch-off time can be set for the unit once the start button has been pressed.
  • Create U/I output characteristics which can be saved (e.g. for PV-Sim, shading).
  • Datalog function: Current operating values are saved to the memory card at adjustable time intervals.
  • Protective functions for OVP, OTP, UVP, OCP.
  • Special versions available on request.

Model Overview

LAB/SMSL3153000 W0...15 V0...200 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
3353000 W0...35 V0...90 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
3453000 W0...45 V0...70 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
3703000 W0...70 V0...45 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
31003000 W0...100 V0...30 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
31503000 W0...150 V0...20 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
33003000 W0...300 V0...10 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
36003000 W0...600 V0...5 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
4204000 W0...20 V0...200 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
4354000 W0...35 V0...115 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
4454000 W0...45 V0...90 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
4704000 W0...70 V0...60 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
41004000 W0...100 V0...40 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
41504000 W0...150 V0...30 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
43004000 W0...300 V0...15 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
46004000 W0...600 V0...7 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
5255000 W0...25 V0...200 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
5355000 W0...35 V0...150 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
5455000 W0...45 V0...120 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
5705000 W0...70 V0...75 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
51005000 W0...100 V0...50 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
51505000 W0...150 V0...35 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
53005000 W0...300 V0...17 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm
56005000 W0...600 V0...8.5 A19" x 2 U x 440 mm


Options appendixDescription
../230Input 230/207...253 VAC
../3P208Input 3x 208/187...229 VAC
../3P400Inputg 3x 400/360...440 VAC
../3P440Inputg 3x 440/396...484 VAC
../3P480Input 3x 480/432...528 VAC
../400HzInput 400 Hz
../DCInput 250...750 VDC
../LTIEEEInterface GPIB/IEEE488
../LTRS485Interface RS485
../LTRS232Interfacee RS232
../LANInterface LAN
../USBInterface USB
../KFZ12Pre-selected start-up curve 12 V
../KFZ24Pre-selected start-up curve 24 V
../OPTPredefined output characteristics
../SDSD card slot