LabJack U6 (-Pro) USB DAQ System, 16bit/22bit

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Benefits of the LabJack U6 Multifunctional USB DAQ Box with up to 18/24 bit resolution

  • The allrounder: Complete USB 2.0 DAQ system.
  • Precise: Up to 18 bit A/D resolution, model -Pro 24 bit.
  • All-in-one: Multifunctional with analog inputs/outputs, digital channels, counters.

The Multifunctional 18 bit LabJack U6.

The LabJack U6 is a complete, compact USB mini DAQ lab module. The U6 has analog inputs with a high resolution of 18 bit (depending on speed), 12 bit analog outputs, digital channels and counters. The version LabJack U6-Pro has a high precision 24 bit low-speed converter.

  • 14 analog inputs (16 to 18 bit depending on speed).
    Model LabJack U6-Pro with 24 bit low-speed A/D converter for an effective resolution of 22 bit.
  • 14 single-ended or 7 differential inputs. Range ±10 V, ±1 V, ±0.1 V.
  • Internal temperature sensor for CJC/cold junction compensation.
  • 2 fixed current outputs (200/10 µA).
  • 2 analog outputs with 12 bit resolution, range 0...5 V.
  • 20 digital I/O lines.
  • Two 32 bit counters.
  • Up to 4 counter/timers for pulse timing, PWM/puls width modulation, quadrature input etc.
  • Supports SPI, I2C and asynchronous serial protocols (master only).
  • Max. input streaming rate 50 kHz depening on resolution.
  • Screw terminals, 37- and 15-pin D-sub female connectors.
  • PC connectivity via USB 2.0. USB-powered.

Model Overview

LabJack U6Standard version
LabJack U6-Pro24 bit low-speed A/D converter for an effective resolution of 22 bit
LabJack U6 OEMsee above, but OEM board version
LabJack U6-Pro OEMsee above, but OEM board version

All LabJack modules available as...

  • Option -modul: Module only or
  • Option -exalab: Bundle "ExaLab" with the software ProfiLab-Expert.

Included: LabJack module, USB cable. Bundle "ExaLab" with additional software ProfiLab-Expert.

Software: The driver software is available as a free download from the LabJack website.

  • Windows:
    UD Library (C/C++) or any UD language wrapper.
    LabJackPython (Python).
  • Linux and Mac OS X:
    Exodriver (C/C++).
    LabJackPython (Python).
  • Optional: ProfiLab-Expert.

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