ME-Probe LF Paar - LF Probe

ME-Probe LF pair - LF probes
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Versatile and low cost.

These versatile standard probes can be used with classic desktop oscilloscopes/DSOs as well as USB scopes with BNC connectors. They are modular, the accessories in the picture are incuded. Try and test the robust high quality at a low price!

  • Standard probes with BNC. Ideal solution for classic oscilloscopes from various suppliers or USB scopes with BNC.
  • High quality at a low price. Robust and reliable.
  • 1:1/1:10 passive modular probe with accessories.
  • Bandwidth LF: 15/150 MHz, 47/15.5 pF, 1/10 MOhm.
  • Bandwidth HF: 30/300 MHz, 47/13.5 pF, 1.2 m cable.
  • 600 Vp CAT I.

For example for use with the oscilloscopes MEphisto Scope, PenScope, PocketScope, M520 series, Cleverscope, PicoScopes USB PC oscilloscopes and others.

Model overview

Model Description
ME-Probe LF Paar Modular pair of probes x1/x10, 15/150 MHz
ME-Probe LF Same, but single probe
ME-Probe HF Modular single probe x1/x10, 30/300 MHz