PeakTech P4055/P4060 Function Generator, 1 Channel, up to 20MHz

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Benefits of the P4055, P4060 DDS Signal Generators for 16 Standard Waveforms

  • Function generator for 16 standard waveforms; up to 20 MHz.
  • 10 µHz frequency resolution for whole range.
  • USB interface.

PeakTech P4055/P4060 Standard Function Generator, 1 Channel, up to 20 MHz

The sweep function generators PeakTech P4055 and P4060 work with the classic DDS technology (Direct Digital Synthesis). They deliver 16 standard waveforms up to max. 3 or 20 MHz and are suitable for a wide range of applications in both analog and digital electronics such as education, servicing, manufacturing and engineering

  • 1 channel.
  • 16 standard waveforms.
  • Frequency range up to max. 3 or 20 MHz.
  • 10 µHz frequency resolution for whole frequency range.
  • Without limitation for the whole range, digital setting directly.
  • Function of frequency sweeping, start point and end point can be set arbitrary.
  • Frequency or period, amplitude virtual value or peak-peak value can be selected.
  • High frequency accuracy up to the level of 10-5.
  • 6 digit LED display.
  • Keyboard operation, direct digital setting or continuous adjusting.
  • Equipped with USB device interface.
  • Included 10 W power amplifier.
  • Safety: EN61010-1; CAT II.

Model Overview

Frequency range10 µHz...3 MHz10 µHz...20 MHz
Output signals16 standard signals sine, square, pulse positive/negative, rampe, stair, noise, half sine, limit sine, exponent, logarithm, tangent, sin(X)/x, half round, cardiac, quake
Frequency resolution10 µHz
Harmonic distortion-40 dBc
Square signal<50 ns rise time/fall time; duty cycle 1...99%
AmplitudeRange 0...20 VPP; offset ±10 V; resolution 5 mVPP
ModulationFM, AM, PM, PWM, FSK; modulation frequency 40 MHz...20 kHz (FSK: 40 MHz...100 kHz)
Display6 digit LED display
InterfaceUSB Device
Dimensions (mm)255 x 100 x 310; 2 kg

Included: P 4055 or 4060, power cord, USB interface cable, software for Windows, BNC cable and operation manual.

Meilhaus Electronic is authorized Peaktech distributor

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