PeakTech P41xx Series Waveform Generators, 1/2 Channels, up to 60MHz

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Benefits of the P41xx Series Function and Arbitrary Signal Generators

  • 1- and 2-channel function and arbitrary waveform generators up to 60 MHz.
  • 1 µHz frequency resolution for whole bandwidth.
  • Integrated waveform editor.

PeakTech P41xx Series Waveform Generators, 1/2 Channels, up to 60MHz

Modelle PeakTech P4120, P4121, P4124, P4125, P4165 Signal-Generatoren

The 1 and 2 channel PeakTech function and arbitrary waveform generators P41xx have bandwidths from 1µHz up to between 5 and 60 MHz (depending on the model). They offer great technical specs and features, for example for P4125/4165: 5 modulation types, Burst and Sweep, channel coupling and an integrated frequency counter.

  • 1 or 2 independent channels with same technical characteristics.
  • Bandwidth up to 60 MHz.
  • 1 µHz frequency resolution for whole bandwidth.
  • Standard waveforms (sine, square, triangle, DC, etc.), built-in arbitrary waveforms (Hamming, Gaussian, Trapezia, tan, etc.) and user-definable arbitrary waveforms.
  • Integrated waveform editor, storable on USB-drive.
  • P4125, P4165: 5 types of modulation AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK. Sweep- and Burst function.
  • P4125, P4165: Channel coupling and combine features, integrated 200 MHz frequency counter.
  • 3.9"/19 cm TFT digital display; USB interface.
  • Safety: EN 61010.

Model Overview

Frequency range1 µHz...5 MHz (sine); arbitrary 1 µHz...5 MHz1 µHz...10 MHz (sine); arbitrary 1 µHz...5 MHz1 µHz...10 MHz (sine); arbitrary 1 µHz...10 MHz1 µHz...25 MHz (sine); arbitrary 1 µHz...10 MHz1 µHz...60 MHz (sine); arbitrary 1 µHz...10 MHz
WaveformsSine, square/pulse, ramp, white noise, arbitrary (exp. rise/fall, sin(x)/x, staircase etc.; 45 built-in signal and user definable arbitrary waveforms)
Resolution14 bit
Sample rate125 MS/s250 MS/s
Arbitrary waveform length2...8,000 points2...1,000,000 points
Modulations-AM, FM, PM, FSK, P4165 only: PWM;
Burst and Sweep
Frequency counter-Frequency, period, positive pulse width, duty cycle; frequency range single channel 100 mHz...200 MHz; frequency resolution 6 digits/s
Special-Channel coupling, channel copy; ext. modulation input; ext. trigger input: ext. reference clock input
Display4"/10 cm TFT
Dimensions (mm)235 x 110 x 295; 3 kg

Included: P 4120, 4121, 4124, 4125, 4165, power cord, USB interface cable, software for Windows, BNC-cable, manual on CD.

Meilhaus Electronic is authorized Peaktech distributor