Red-NTV-28K 3-Way Isolation Amplifier

Obsolete - not available
Red-NTV-28K 3-Way Isolation Amplifier
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Red-NTV-28K obsolete. Fully compatible replacement: ▸Drago DN28.


  • Galvanic isolation of standard process signals.
  • Various combinations of I/O ranges available.
  • Compact, rugged, DIN-rail mountable modules.

3-Way Isolation Amplifier, Fixed Ranges

The 3-way isolation amplifier is used for electrical isolation and conversion of standard process signals. The signal combination is selected by the order no. The 3-way isolation guarantees reliable decoupling of the sensor circuit from the processing circuit and prevents linked measurement circuits from influencing each other. The protective separation with high isolation level provides protection for personnel and downstream devices against impermissibly high voltage.

  • 3-way isolation amplifier.
  • Input and output signal 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA oder 0...10 V (see table below).
  • Test voltage 2.5 kV.
  • Working voltage (basic insulation): Up to 600 V AC/DC for overvoltage category II and pollution degree 2 acc. to EN 61010-1 between all circuits.
  • Power supply 24 V AC/DC, AC 48...62 Hz, approx. 2 VA, DC approx. 0.7 W.
  • Construction 11.2 mm housing, protection type: IP 20.
  • Connection =2.5 mm2, AWG 14. Weight approx. 50 g.

Model Overview

Model Code Input Output
Range Range
Red-NTV-28K- 12 0...20 mA 0...20 mA
32 4...20 mA 0...20 mA
52 0...10 V 0...20 mA
14 0...20 mA 4... 20 mA
22 4... 20 mA 4... 20 mA
54 0...10 V 4... 20 mA
16 0...20 mA 0...10 V
36 4...20 mA 0...10 V
56 0...10 V 0...10 V

Other combinations on request!

Included: Module, instructions for use.

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