Eaton Sefelec RMG12/15 Series Hipot Testers AC/DC

Eaton Sefelec RMG12/15 series hipot testers AC/DC
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Benefits of the Sefelec RMG12/15 Series Dielectric Strength Testers

  • Dielectric strength tester.
  • Tests according to the VDE, UL, CSA standards in the LVD.
  • Models for DC, AC, AC and DC.

Eaton Sefelec RMG12/15 Series Hipot Tester 12 kVAC/DC or 15 kVAC

The Sefelec Eaton RMG12/15 series electrical safety testers perform easily and simply all the electrical tests according to the VDE, UL, CSA standards and to the main EN European standards involved in the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). The RMG12DC is a DC only dielectric strength tester 0...12 kVDC, whereas the RMG12AC-DC is for AC and DC. The RMG15AC is an AC only dielectric strength tester for 0...15 kVAC.

  • Dielectric strength tester (hipot tester, flash test, breakdown tester).
  • Test range 0...12 kVDC, 0...12 kVAC and DC, or 0...15 kVAC.
  • Voltage reading: On a digital kV meter connected on the output terminals; display: 1200 digit.
  • Current reading: On a shunt resistor inserted in the test circuit; display: 1000 digits.
  • Breaktdown detection: DELTATEST, IMAX, DELTATEST and IMAX mode combination.
  • Storage: 10 test parameter (voltage, threshold, time...) sets can be stored.
  • Protection of operator: No HV or current on the outputs as long as the safety interlock is open.
    Red/green lamp to indicate HV presence.
    Double safety loop which can be used with safety bloc devices.
  • Protection of device under test: Fast breakdown detection.
    HV primary cut off.
    Output terminal shorted and capacitors discharged.
  • Optional PLC, RS232, GPIB (IEEE488.1/.2), or 0...10 V interfaces.
  • Multilingual software.
  • Dimensions (mm): 180 x 430 x 470; 28 kg.

Model Overview

Dielectric strength test0...12 kVDC0...12 kVAC and DC0...15 kVAC
Voltage reading - display1200 digits1200 digits1200 digits
Short-circuit current10 mADC50 mAAC; 10 mADC≥65 mA for the adjustment of the maximum AC voltage
Current reading1000 digits1000 digits1000 digits

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