TekBox TBMR-110M EMI Analyzer DC...110MHz

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Item available at short notice. Delivery Time ~7-14 workdays
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Benefits of the TBMR-110M EMI Measurement Receiver

  • Complete EMI analyzer solution with functions of spectrum and tracking analyzer, oscilloscope, demodulator, IQ stream generator.
  • USB 2.0 high speed interface; direct remote control.
  • Auxiliary TFT display on front panel, can be configured to display graph data.

TekBox TBMR-110M EMI Analyzer DC...110 MHz

International EMC standards require various spectrum measurement methods and devices. They ensure that the electromagnetic emissions of the device under test do not exceed the specified limits. The TekBox TBMR-110M is an affordable and versatile EMI analyzer for measuring conducted emissions. The TBMR-110M is the ideal tool for engineers performing pre-compliance measurements during the development process.

  • EMI analyzer DC...110 MHz (measurement receiver):
    • –162 dBm/Hz noise floor down to 1 kHz.
    • 7-band hardware pre-selector filter bank.
    • 30 dBm maximum input power.
    • CISPR-16, ANSI and MIL-STD compliant detectors.
    • Peak, quasi-peak, average, CISPR-average, RMS, and CISPR-RMS detectors working in parallel.
    • Sweep, STFFT and direct parallel resolution bandwidth setting (-3 dB and -6 dB).
    • Numerous predefined standards, ready to load and use.
    • Pre-measurement with selective peak measurement.
    • Direct fast compliant STFFT measurement.
    • Many pre-defined transducers, antenna factors and various other compensation files.
    • Many data manipulation, display and documentation features.
    • Direct control from EMCView or standalone operation.
    • Quick load of predefined setups.

  • Spectrum analyzer:
    • True DC...110 MHz measurement range.
    • Tracking generator.
    • 0.1 Hz...3.5 MHz arbitrary RBW and VBW setting.
    • Zero span operation with time domain triggering.
    • Linear, log amplitude and frequency display.
    • Sweep, STFFT and direct parallel resolution bandwidth setting.
    • Parallel RMS, pos./neg. peak, and average detector.
    • Trace memory option, normalization.
    • Equation based trace display.
    • Peak hold.
    • Noise marker, max and band power display.
    • Quick load of predefined setups.

  • Tracking analyzer DC...110 MHz:
    • Linear and logarithmic sweep.
    • -50...0 dBm adjustable TG power.
    • 120 dB dynamic range.
    • Use of power correction file and level correction file.
    • Quick load of predefined setups.

  • Oscilloscope 250 MS/s, DC...110 MHz:
    • 1 ns/div...1 s/div horizontal resolution.
    • Interpolated sampling up to 4 GS/s.
    • Real-time sampling up to 250 MS/s, 14 bit.
    • Up to 16 MS sampling size.
    • Various trigger options.
    • Vertical CIC filter option for noise reduction.
    • Many automatic measurement features.

  • Demodulator:
    • Direct demodulation into the PC sound system.
    • FM, AM and SSB demodulator.
    • Adjustable bandwidth, center frequency, and demodulator parameters.
    • Automatic demodulation parameter measurements.

  • IQ Stream Generator:
    • GNU-radio data source.
    • Directly stream floating point I and Q data into file or network.
    • Adjustable center frequency and bandwidth.

  • Remote Control:
    • Direct remote control of the EMI analyzer over network.
    • Text based protocol.
    • EMCview compatible.

Included: TBMR-110M EMI analyzer, USB cable with type A and type B connector, IEC power cord, TBFL1 combined attenuator/high pass filter/limiter, USB stick containing the TBMR-110M software, EMCview software and manual, quick start guide.