Gossen Metrawatt METRAWIN 10 System Software for Multimeter METRAHIT

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Benefits of the GMC-I Software METRAWIN 10 for Handheld DMM Series METRAHIT

  • Configuration of GMC-I/Gossen Metrawatt instruments/devices.
  • Online recording of measurement data.
  • Read-in and display of offline data recorded to device memory.

Gossen Metrawatt METRAWIN 10 System Software for Multimeter METRAHIT

GMC-I/Gossen Metrawatt METRAWIN 10/METRAHIT is a measurement data logging program for recording, visualizing, evaluating and documenting measured values from METRAHIT multimeters with reference to time.

METRAWIN 10/METRAHit supports the following multimeters (see complete list below)

  • METRAHIT Starline series (X-TRA, E, and S series) in combination with USB-X-TRA interface adapter, METRAHIT ULTRA BT, wireless via Bluetooth as well (up to 10 channels with max. 1 measurement per s).
  • METRAHIT 30M in combination with USB-Hit (single-channel only, max. 10 measurements per s) or BD232 interface adapter (max. 4 channels).
  • METRAHIT 22S-29S/22M/26M/I in combination with USB-Hit (single-channel only, max. 20 measurements per s) or BD232 interface adapter, or SI232-II or SI232 memory adapter (max. 6 channels, max. 20 measurements per s).
  • ETRAHIT 12S-18S/16I/LIT/ONE Plus in combination with RS 232 interface adapter (single-channel only) or SI232-II or SI232 memory adapter (max. 6 channels, max. 20 measurements per s).


  • The software runs under Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. The full version is purchased with site licensing.

    Measurement data can be displayed and analyzed in various formats:
  • Analog/digital instrument (online), max. 4 channels, with limit monitor.
  • Yt diagram, max. 6 channels, scroll and zoom functions, absolute/relative time axis, automatic/manual Y scale, 2 cursors.
  • XY diagram, max. 4 channels, automatic/manual Y scale, 2 cursors.
  • Data logger table, max. 12 channels, data export to ASCII file or via the clipboard to other Windows programs e.g. Excel.

    Amongst other possibilities, a continuous line recorder printing option is available for documenting measurements. Up to 10 channels can be printed out continuously as a Yt line graph at a color printer with this function.
  • Arithmetic functions: Measurement data from different channels can be linked and processed with high performance arithmetic functions.

METRAWIN 10 Supports the Following Types of METRAHit Multimeters

TypeMultimeters METRAHITMultimeters METRAportCalibratorsType
METRAWIN 90-2---------------METRAWIN 90-2
METRAWIN 90-F---------------METRAWIN 90-F
METRAWIN 90-FJ----------------------METRAWIN 90-FJ
LabVIEW driver*--------------LabVIEW driver*

* The drivers permit the following functions with LabVIEW and VISA: Read-out of momentary (live) measured values and units of measure, as well as measurement data files for supported DMMs and calibrators, and complete control of the METRACAL MC calibrator. LabVIEW drivers are available as free downloads from the internet.


ModelOrdering codeDescription
METRAWIN 10/METRAHITGTZ3240000R0001Measurement data logging program
METRAWIN 90-2Z211ACalibration software for controlling process calibrators:
The handheld calibrator with multimeter is transformed into a professional, PC-based calibration system for measuring transducers, indicators, recording instruments etc. with the help of METRAWIN 90-2 and an interface cable.
Calibration procedures are created with METRAWIN software. Specified analog values are transmitted via the IR adapter from the PC to the calibrator and are fed to the device to be calibrated from the analog output at the calibrator.
The analog output value from the device to be calibrated is then measured by the multimeter, and is returned to the PC for evaluation via the interface. If the measurement results remain within the specified tolerances, each consecutive calibration step is initialized automatically until the entire procedure has been run.
Calibration data can be imported into other Windows applications (e.g. Word or Excel).
Update 90-2Z211EUpdate
▸MET/CAL Prozeduren▸Z234vCalibration and adjustment:
Calibration institutes all over the world use predominantly Fluke multifunction calibrators in order to calibrate and adjust digital multimeters. This can be automated to a great extent with corresponding procedures for Fluke's MET/CAL calibration management software.
METRAWIN 90-FZ211CClosed-loop calibration (F) and adjustment system (FJ):
Closed-loop calibration system for METRAHIT multimeters with METRAWIN 90-F/FJ, a PC with IEEE488 interface and a Fluke 5500A, 5520A, or 5700A calibrator. Calibration of analog and digital multimeters, recorders and power meters, power measuring transducers, amplifier modules, transducers etc.
  • Automated calibration of METRAHIT multimeters with IR interface.
  • Generation, testing and documentation of calibration procedures with METRAWIN 90-F.
  • Specified values from the PC via IEEE488 to the calibrator. analog signal to the device to be calibrated.
  • Measured values from the METRAHIT multimeter via IR-USB adapter to the PC automatically.
  • Measurement of analog measuring transducers with a multimeter including automatic transfer to the PC.
  • If the measured value is within tolerance, the calibration procedure advances automatically to its next step.
  • Adjustment of the METRAHIT 22-29S/M via IR interface with METRAWIN 90-FJ.
  • Calibration signal correction by means of key entry or via the interface.
  • Printouts as standard calibration report, or as a user-specific certificate.
  • Dynamic data exchange with Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Documentation with measuring uncertainty (DKD 3/TUR) and data for certificates in accordance with EN ISO 9000.