Keysight 34420A Nano-Volt and Micro-Ohm Meter

Keysight 34420A Nano-Volt and Micro-Ohm Meter
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Item available at short notice. Delivery Time ~10-25 workdays
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Note: The Keysight micro-ohm meter 34420A has been redesigned to meet RoHS-compliance. The new, RoHS-compliant version is available from 1st June 2021. The redesigned 34420A provides the same product performance and specifications, and is 100% code compatible with the previous product versions.

Benefits of the Keysight 34420A Precision Multimeter for Nanovolt and Microohm Ranges

  • High-sensitivity multimeter for low-level measurements - nano-Volt, mikro-Ohm.
  • 7½ digit resolution.
  • GPIB and RS232.

Keysight 34420A Nano-Volt and Micro-Ohm Meter

The Keysight 34420A nano-Volt, micro-Ohm meter is a high-sensitivity multimeter optimized for performing low-level measurements. It combines low-noise voltage measurements with resistance and temperature functions, setting a new standard in low-level flexibility and performance.

  • 7½ digit resolution.
  • High sensitivity DCV and resistance measurements at 100 pV and 100 nΩ.
  • 1.3 nVRMS, 8 nVpp noise performance.
  • Built-in low noise 2 channel scanners.
  • Direct SPRT, RTD, thermistor, and thermocouple temperature measurements with 0.003°C accuracy.
  • 3 low power, dry circuit testing built-in resistance functions.
  • GPIB and RS232 interface.

Model Overview

ModelKeysight 34420A
Digits resolutionMax. 7½ digit
Measurement functions and rangesDC voltage: 1.0000000, 10.000000, 100.00000 mV, 1.0000000, 10.000000, 100.00000 V
Resistance (test-current): 1.0000000 Ω (10 mA), 10.000000 Ω (10 mA), 100.00000 Ω (10 mA), 1.0000000 kΩ (1 mA), 10.000000 kΩ (100 µA), 100.00000 kΩ (5 µA), 1.0000000 MΩ (10 µA)
Low power resistance (test current): 1.0000000 Ω (10 mA), 10.000000 Ω (10 mA), 100.00000 Ω (1 mA), 1.0000000 kΩ (100 µA), 10.000000 kΩ (10 µA), 100.00000 kΩ (5 µA), 1.0000000 MΩ (5 µA)
Voltage limited resistance (test voltage): 10.000000 Ω (1 mA), 100.00000 Ω (100 µA)
Temperature (resolution = 0.001°C): SPRT, RTD, thermistor, thermocouple
Measurement methodDC voltage: Continuously integrating multi-slope III A/D converter
Resistance: Selectable 4-wire or 2-wire ohms; current source referenced to channel 1 LO input
Temperature: SPRT (ITS-90 calibrated temperature with the range of –190...+660°C), RTD (type α = 0.00385 and α = 0.00392. R0 from 4.9 Ω to 2.1 kΩ. ITS-90 (IEC-751) Callendar Van Dusen conversion), thermistor (5 kΩ), thermocouple (ITS-90 conversions of type J, K, T, R, S, B, N)
CMRRDC: 140 dB, AC: 70 dB
System speedsConfiguration rates 26/s to 50/s; autorange rate (Volt) >30/s; ASCII reading to RS232 55/s; ASCII reading to GPIB 250/s; max. internal trigger rate 250/s; max. external trigger rate to memory 250/s
Memory1024 readings
InterfacesRS232, GPIB/IEEE488, SCPI compliant
SafetyDesigned to CSA, UL-1244, IEC-1010. RFI and ESD: CISPR 11
Dimensions (mm)254 x 374 x 104; 3 kg

Including: 34420A, low thermal input cable (34102A), low thermal shorting plug (34103A), Kelvin clip set (11062A), calibration certificate, power cord. Also includes CD with: IntuiLink software, IVI and VXI PnP drivers, user’s guide, service guide, and data sheet.

3Y Warranty & Keysight CARE

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.