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Keysight Business Growth Award


NEWS: Meilhaus Electronic was presented with the "Business Growth Award" for outstanding sales business growth with Keysight Technologies at the Keysight Partner Executive Forum in Athens 2022.

Stefan and Albert Meilhaus received the award.

Precision Multimeters

Hewlett-Packard was known for high-precision, indestructible multimeters. For good reason the HP 34401A was practically a standard among digital multimeters and is today considered a classic in this instrument category. The DMM success story continued in 1999 under the name Agilent. Since 2014, Agilent's Test & Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies. With the Trueform technology, Keysight's multimeters have been elevated to a new level of precision and functionality. But also the classic 3458A with its 8½ digit resolution - ideal e.g. for calibration laboratories - is part of the Keysight portfolio.

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Keysight Essential Bench/EDU Series Measurement Instruments

Signal generators, digital multimeters and power supplies with industry-grade technology and performance at an affordable price - ideal for education, internship labs, etc., and for industrial applications with very limited budgets. Ideally complemented by the InfiniiVision EDUX1000A/G and DSOX1000A/G series oscilloscopes.

New Battery Tester, Power Supply, Loads, and SMUs

The Debugging Tool - The Keysight Oscilloscopes

  • Mixed-signal oscilloscope with touch screen.
  • Highend debugging features with high signal capture rate and the ability to combine triggers.
  • Versatile functions and optionen for professional applications.

All InfiniiVision models overview.

DAQ, Switching, Logging

  • Measurement, switching and DMM system with USB, Ethernet/LXI, NEW: GPIB.
  • Modular for customized solutions.
  • 4-channel digitizer (simultaneous, differential), 24 bit, 800 kS/s sampling.

Flexible with 3 slots and a choice of 8 module types. Up to 60 2-wire, or 120 1-wire channels. Up to 5000 readings/s.

From now on selected products from the Keysight premium segment at Meilhaus Electronic:

The Keysight Product lines at Meilhaus Electronic.

  • Wide selection of reliable, high quality datalogger DAQ systems/switching systems, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, digital multimeters, power supplies, SMUs, handhelds, thermal imagers and more.
  • For labs and industry, EMI pre-compliance tests, education and more.
  • GPIB interface technology and Windows software for PC control via USB, LXI, GPIB.

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.

Keysight quality T&M instruments

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